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  1. Cycling and Mental Health

    Cyclists Suffer Less Mental Health Issues

    mental health, cycling  

    Riding a bike is relaxing. If you’re stressed at work, you can often burn it off by cycling home. And if you’re dealing with a more serious problem, cycling can help you regain some balance in your life.  A survey conducted over the years showed that indoor or outdoor cycling ranks close to the top for beating stress, depression and poor mental health - after those who play team sports.

    There was a positive correlation between all those who participated in some form of physical exercised and a lower mental health burden – this ranged from an 11 to 22% reduction.  Those who played team sports saw a 22% reduction, whilst cyclists enjoyed approx 21% and gym users a 20% reduction. I imagine most of us probably still don’t give much thought to mental health - even after all the campaigning and changes in our local communities to un-mute this topic of discussion. We’re still all just managing okay – or just about managing – and, unlike physical health problems, the symptoms in ourselves and others can easily be overlooked. As an office full of cyclists and other outdoor pursuits we can vouch for the fact that exercise makes us feel better.  The proof is in the pudding - exercise is significantly associated to aiding well-being and preventing poor mental illness/ emotion. What happens during a 1 hour ride?
    1. First 10 minutes; a sense of freedom hits your system!  An uncontrollable grin emerges from all joy sparked from the burst of energy you feel pedaling.
    2. 20 minutes in; you're still riding the wave - the buzz is high and so is the pace. Your body is ridding itself of the cortisol in your body - the stress hormone that prevents sleep.
    3. 40 minutes; blood flow and oxygen to the brain is boosted.  All this fresh air = less couch potato days!
    4. 45 mins; what a difference 5 minutes makes - endorphins are released and endorphins make you happy!
    5. 60 minutes in; with every minute you're going you automatically reduce the risk of hear disease.  But now you're debating the inevitable question - to keep going, or to keep some in the tank for another day...
    6. 60 minutes in; whatever the answer - recover properly! Warm down and refuel (energy bar/ water or hit the pub - we don't judge) - both are good for the soul!
  2. The Cycle Jersey - Custom Collection

    Custom Cycling Jerseys

      custom cycle jersey prices     If you have a club, company, event or organisation you think would benefit from a custom jersey to lift it's profile and leave a good impression with customers or clients, just check out our custom jerseys page and see what we can do for you. You might be surprised how reasonable the cost can be!   Jerseys:  Choose from three different styles: Road/ XC, Enduro MTB & DH Freeride tops. Comfortable on and off the bike, our jerseys feature high performance 140gsm multi dry technical fabric.  All cycling jersey sizes are available from S-2XL *larger sizes are available upon request - there is an additional 20% sur charge for these sizes.  We use advanced sublimation printing techniques, that achieve detailed designs which means your design will never wash out, fade or peel. Our standard road cycling jerseys come as standard with; short sleeves, a 3/4 length YKK concealed zip and three rear elasticated pockets.  Our new 2019 custom price list is as below - all exclusive of VAT : 0-2 - £55 3-4 - £50.50 5-9 - £42.50 10-19 - £36.50 20-39 - £34.00 40-74 - £ 30.00 75 + - £28.00   Enduro MTB and Freeride DH cycle tops are very similar to each other - our enduro jerseys; newly introduced last year, have been an absolute hit!  These are great for riding as well as retail/ custom merchandise.  They come as standard with short sleeves and a round neck - the fit if these is slightly more fitted than most mountain bike jerseys and we recommend not wearing armour under this top. Our Freeride DH jerseys, are a more traditional style mountain biking top.  They come as standard with short sleeves and a v shaped neck - unlike the Enduro style, these are a lot more of a leisurely fit and are perfect for wearing protective armour underneath. Our new 2019 custom price list is as below - all exclusive of VAT : 0-2 - £53.00 3-4 - £48.50 5-9 - £40.50 10-19 - £34.50 20-39 - £30.00 40-74 - £28.00 75 + - £26.00   Training Jackets & Gilets:  Choose from three different styles: Gilet (light weight/ full Windex), Windcheeta Jacket and Windcheeta Lite Jacket. Our Gilets are high performance garments, ideal for crisp cold, dry weather riding.  They're manufactured with a Windex fabric; allowing you to retain heat, whilst wicking the sweat away from the body to ensure a comfortable experience.  Gilets as standard come with a mesh rear panel, however these is a heavier weight Windex option - see here. Our new 2019 custom price list is as below - all exclusive of VAT : 0-2 - £58.00 3-4 - £55.00 5-9 - £47.00 10-19 - £41.00 20-39 - £37.00 40-74 - £34.00 75 + - £30.00   Windcheeta Jackets are waterproof, windproof and breathable.  They come with a brushed back inner layer of fabric for maximum insulation, 3 rear elasticated pockets and hem/ sleeves. Our new 2019 custom price list is as below - all exclusive of VAT : 0-2 - £92.50 3-4 - £87.50 5-9 - £75.00 10-19 - £70.00 20-39 - £60.00 40-74 - £57.50 75 + - £52.50   Windcheeta Lite Cycle Jackets provide the optimal fit for wet and cold weather riding, using a 3 layer windtex fabric which protects from wind and rain whilst maintaining good breathability. Our new 2019 custom price list is as below - all exclusive of VAT : 0-2 - £80.00 3-4 - £75.00 5-9 - £70.00 10-19 - £62.00 20-39 - £57.00 40-74 - £52.00 75 + - £47.00   All garments have additional options that can be added to your custom kit: OPTIONS
    • Full Length YKK® Zip (+ £2.00)
    • Long Sleeve (+ £2.00)
    • Individual Names (+ £2.00)
    • Silicone Hem Gripper (+ £4.00)
    • Zipped media pocket to the rear (+ £4.00)
      Bib/shorts; Using power Lycra for the best fit and durability for the ultimate performance and comfort, our bib shorts and shorts are designed and manufactured to provide the most comfortable riding experience.  Our shorts include Italian chamois pad (TMF®pad), Lycra bound straps for reduced irritation, high stretch and supporting Power Lycra fabric and wicking upper mesh for optimal breath ability. Our new 2019 custom price list is as below - all exclusive of VAT : 0-2 - £80.00 3-4 - £67.50 5-9 - £60.00 10-19 - £55.00 20-39 - £47.50 40-74 - £45.00 75 + - £40.00   Design, print and manufacture is all carried out here within our own premises in central Scotland which allows the 2-3 weeks turnaround from approval of artwork. Artwork/setup is free if you can provide a rough idea of design and colours along with any logos in a print ready format, ai, eps or corel is preferred although high res jpegs can also work.  We put the design together in our templates and email over for checking prior to printing a mini sample on fabric for approval before production of any garment.
  3. University Sportsteam Kit Supplier


    University Custom Team Kit

    At thecyclejersey we specialise in designing and manufacturing custom printed cycle jerseys and event merchandise.  Producing custom team kit for University Cycling Clubs/ Rugby Football Clubs and staff is a huge part to the start of our season now too.  Currently we design and manufacture kit for approx 15 Universities - including St Andrews, Heriot Watt and Cardiff University. Last year we were approached by Rob wainwright - former Scotland Rugby Captin - to help support Doddie Weirs 'My Name's Doddie' charity and fundraiser events.  We designed and manufactured thousands of headbands for the infamous 'March of 1000 Headbands' to raise awareness for MND.  The march was the finale of the 'Doddie Gump', which set out to get people walking 50,000 miles, or twice round the world, to raise money for the My Name's Doddie foundation.  Rugby fans in Rome were asked to wear a headband (Weir's trademark on the pitch ) and walk 2.5 miles from Piazza del Popolo to the Stadio Olympico. We're a Scottish teamwear brand located in Falkirk, central Scotland which means we’re able to manufacture and deliver your team kit within 2 weeks of order approval – we’re completely unbeatable on turnaround in the UK and European market. Our custom process is simple and quick; send your inquiry to along with a design spec and all logos you'd like on the design and we'll get to work on creating a visual for you see prior to placing your full order in to print.  

    Free Design Service

    • Layout and colours on a sketch is fine, although if artwork is within our templates already then this can speed up the process.
    • TheCycleJersey will create your design at no charge and will allow 2 sets of alterations with no additional charges.
    • Subsequent changes may be charged, we will notify you of any charges prior to any additional design work.
    • Initial designs are normally carried out within 2 working days.
    • No limit to number of colours

      • The print process runs CMYK, however we can also use PANTONE as well as RGB
      • If there is any doubt in the colours when we are testing the print, we will print a mini colour chart along with your colour sample to allow you to choose the desired colour.

      Logo’s & Sponsors

      • No limit to the number of logos
      • All logos required within the design must be supplied
      • Logos should be supplied in print ready format (AI, EPS, SVG or COREL). Some PDF files will be suitable if they contain vector files. JPEG PSD PNG or TIFF files can be used also but they must be at least 150dpi at actual size
      • Please convert all text to outlines / curves if able to do so.
      • TheCycleJersey does not accept responsibility for poor print quality on logos which have been supplied in a substandard quality
      • TheCycleJersey will mention any issues with logos and if necessary supply a print sample of any sections of logos or design which is questionable.
      • TheCycleJersey assumes that logos supplied are with permission to be used
      • Logos can be enlarged as long as they do not cross seam
      • Individual names can be added for an additional charge
  4. Guide to Designing Custom Teamwear

    Team Cycling Kit

    Where o' where to start with designing your own team/ club kit...  Our design motto tends to be 'simple is powerful' - and it all comes down to  the concept and logos you're working with. Corporate logos follow all brand marketing rules; simple, memorable and more important to us designers - they're designed and constructed in the correct artwork format!  Small local/ entrepreneurial businesses on the other hand - tend to be the complete opposite! Having said that - when paired with a retro design any logo can be morphed into an awesome custom cycling jersey. Another good point to remember, is to bare in mind the whole kit.  We only offer black shorts as it's the most popular colour choice and it tends to always go with every design - you are able to fully customise the leg gripper - and we can colour match any corporate or branded logos to ensure it all matches. When choosing colours, it's better to have brighter colours on the shoulders, side panels and/ or lower back.  It's always a good idea to make yourself visible, no matter what the purpoe of your jersey is for.  We offer the option to add a reflective strip to the back pocket of your jersey, for a small fee.  We don't currently offer a neon colour chart, however you can trust in us that our colour range is very wide - you can request a free colour swatch if you're unsure.   Click here to read more about our custom product range and to see pricing and additional options for our 2019 custom collection. We currently offer a FREE artwork design and mini sample service.  AND there's no minimum order numbers to meet!    
  5. TMO Racing

    Tracy Moseley's Team Rider - Jayden

    tmo racing, enduro racing, enduro tops Jayden is a young kid who I feel has been around in our local riding scene and club for years already and somehow is still only 15yrs old ! I would see him riding his unicycle, smashing the pump track on his bmx, fat biking and bike packing with his dad and racing national XC races ! I loved the variety of his skills and love for riding bikes in whatever form At the end of 2017 I offered Jayden the change to ride an old enduro bike I had an introduced him to a few enduro races… forward just 18 months and he is know becoming an accomplished little bike racer taking some impressive race results with him already…   Find our more about him in the Q&A below:
    Who is Jayden Randell? I look upon myself as a normal teen, who looks forward to riding my bike.
    How old are you? 15 years old. 14/07/2003
    Where are you from? Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.
    How did you get into starting riding bikes? My Dad’s interest in mountainbiking is why I started riding bikes, with my first bike being a run bike at the age of 2.
    What is it about Enduro racing that you like compared to all the other disciplines you have done? To be honest, I like all forms of racing bikes. But, the passion for riding and racing Enduro comes from the relaxed vibe within the Enduro community. What’s better than a weekend in the hills on the bikes with you mates and calling it a race!
    How was 2018? 2018 was my first full season of enduro racing, with a couple of XC races added in. With 20+ races up and down the country, I sure did have a lot of fun on the bike.
    2018 highlights? The stand out highlight from 2018 was Ard Rock. The weather couldn’t have been any better, the stages were like no other, and I had the best time chatting bikes and racing with my mates. A couple of other highlights have got to be taking the number 1 spot at the King & Queen Enduro in Scotland and a Mash-up late last year at Eastridge where everything seemed to click with my riding.
    What did you learn in 2018? It was a huge learning curve throughout the year: from nutrition, what to wear, what to carry, bike prep, tyre choices and fitness.
    How has 2019 been so far? 2019 has been good so far, I’ve really enjoyed riding and exploring a bit more in the Forest of Dean.
    New bike? The new bike… wow. What a machine the Trek Slash is! I feel really grateful to be riding such a great piece of kit this year. I’m really feeling the difference on the bigger 29er wheels.
    How was the first Enduro race? We were treated with some of that muddy stuff for the first Enduro of 2019. Had a blast riding some super fun and physical FoD stages. really pleased with an overall fastest time on stage one, taking the win in the Juniors and surprised with a fourth place overall.
    How did it go?  
    XC race? My XC race at Cannock Chase sure was a shock to the system, but pleased with my 5th place.
  6. Lightweight Training Clothing


    Lightweight Custom Cycle Clothing

    Just like a spell of hot weather shouldn’t make your intentions of a ride questionable, neither should the fresh chill of a spring morning – with the right precautions you’ll be just grand.  After all, the Easter holidays are a golden opportunity for cyclists.  It allows for some warmer weather training, loads of sunny miles to put behind us and creates buzz of excitement in time for the British Summer months officially beginning. The biggest posed topic though, isn’t where to go – it’s what to wear?  The in-between months are tricky, with light showers still existing, sunny spells one minute and chilly starts most mornings. Spring requires some key pieces of lightweight training clothing and a little experience to know how to best approach – and that’s where we're on hand to help and advise: Caps: These are an underrated accessory for sure!  They actually keep so much heat inside of you – a great benefit of a cap is once you warm up, it’s functional and lightweight enough to shove in your back pocket.  Tip to consider when wearing one under your helmet – point it up!  It’ll avoid a sore neck from peering up to see ahead. Jerseys: It’s getting warm enough to ditch the heavy weight, fleece lined Windcheeta and swap it for a long sleeve road cycling jersey; our jerseys feature a high performance 140gsm multi dry technical fabric.  They’re produced using advanced fit technology to provide the most comfortable riding experience. Jackets:  Alternatively we can offer both Gilets and a Windcheeta Lite option.  Our sleeveless jerseys A.K.A - Gilets are made from high quality Windtex® fabric – making it windproof, waterproof and breathable.  The standard Gilet is manufactured with a lightweight mesh rear panel, but we do give the option to alter this for a Solid Windtex® rear panel instead. Our Windcheeta Lite is hugely popular at this time of the year; providing the optimal fit for wet or that little bit colder weather riding.  It consists of a 3 layer Windtex® fabric which protects from the wind and rain whilst maintaining breathability.  You can design a custom long sleeve cycling jacket here. Arm & Leg Warmers: The general rule of thumb is to protect your core extremities, right?  If they’re protected you’ll be riding in comfort.  Warmers are a cooshtie piece of kit!  Don’t jump the gun on this one – save bare legs for the later spring months and double up with shorts and warmers to ease yourself in.   Arm warmers aren't a necessity this moment s your probably wearing a long sleeve, but it's something you should start sourcing for around about now too – as your long sleeve jersey will be taking a back seat for the season. Snoods:  These are genius.  I can’t keep up with how many ways there are to use a one?!  Sweat band, head band, hair tie – the list goes on and on.  It’s a great piece of kit to have handy; bridging the gap and protecting you from the chill.
  7. Kids Custom Cycling Kit

    Cycling Jerseys for Kids

    KIDS CUSTOM CYCLING JERSEYS   Cycling; a sport loved by middle aged men in Lycra, is now becoming trendy among our younger generations - who’d have thought?!  With obesity problems growing large and fast and cycle lanes being demolished, it seemed an impossible thought that kids would venture anywhere further than their rooms.  They never fail to surprise us… Kid [kid] (Noun) 1. Something REALLY old people desire to be when their backs start breaking and their hearing and eyesight get poor. The cycling trend has not to be taken lightly, as these kids are tougher than they look - and they mean business!  Taking various kinds of riding such as MTB, Cyclocross and Road racing; very seriously. This influential and social sport is a memory cherished by all; we don’t know anyone who doesn’t remember first learning how to ride their bike. Therefore, it’s only right that we provide these youths with proper and professional gear.  We’re asking the local Primary and Secondary schools of Falkirk and its surrounding areas to design their own jersey; we’re hopeful their creative minds will give us a taste of what they’re looking for and maybe it will even encourage more kids to jump behind the bars. We’ll use the same fabric as we do for the adults so it’s light weight, breathable and very durable! The jersey is manufactured using sublimation printing; which means the ink is embedded in the material and is trapped, so there’s no such thing as colour fade. NOTE: our standard kids sizes will be age(s):  (4), (5), (6-8) and (9-11), older teens will fit out adult XS and S sizes. Childrens Custom Cycling Tops Our standard kids road cycling jerseys come as standard with; short sleeves, and a 3/4 length YKK concealed zip - three rear elasticated pockets can be added, but is dependent upon the size ordered.  Our new 2019 custom price list is as below - 0-2 - £52 3-4 - £47.50 5-9 - £39.50 10-19 - £33.50 20-39 - £31.00 40-74 - £ 27.00 75 + - £25.00 Kids enduro MTB and Freeride DH racing cycle tops are very similar to each other - our enduro jerseys; newly introduced last year, have been an absolute hit!  These are great for riding as well as retail/ custom merchandise.  They come as standard with short sleeves and a round neck - the fit if these is slightly more fitted than most mountain bike jerseys and we recommend not wearing armour under this top. Our Freeride DH jerseys, are a more traditional style mountain biking top.  They come as standard with short sleeves and a v shaped neck - unlike the Enduro style, these are a lot more of a leisurely fit and are perfect for wearing protective armour underneath. Our new 2019 custom price list is as below - 0-2 - £50.00 3-4 - £45.50 5-9 - £27.50 10-19 - £31.50 20-39 - £27.00 40-74 - £25.00 75 + - £23.00   If  you have any suggestions or opinions on kids clothing that you wish to share, don't hesitate - we're all ears!  Just drop us a line at:  
  8. Custom Cycling Jersey UK Size Chart


    Cycling Jersey UK Size Chart

    Strongly recommend looking at our size guides prior to placing an order – please do not assume you will be the same size as another brand.  Our jerseys are not made in race fit; however we have taken feedback on board and altered our cycle jersey sizes to be; slightly sculpted and a little shorter on the body. Measuring tips:  the easiest way to identify what size you’ll be is to lay flat and measure a jersey you already own and love the fit of – then compare it to our own size guides.  You’ll definitely find something to suit this way. ** We do offer a FREE sample service, however we can’t guarantee your preferred style/ sizes will be available; this is primarily a service used to showcase the quality of print and sewing. Our custom cycling jerseys are designed to last; we have tested and researched every item used to manufacture these custom tops.  Our fabric, zips, ink, transfer paper, machines, etc. are all of the upmost quality and durability. Please note – our cycle tops are nonreturnable due to the nature of their design, so please do take care in choosing your design and size of garment. We’ve included our sizing guides below:
  9. Tour de Yorkshire

    Tour de Yorkshire 2019

      TOUR DE YORKSHIRE   The fith edition of this Yorkshire road bike sportive is just weeks away; further growing and succeeding as a recognised UCI event.  Last year, Greg Van Avermaet secured overall victory in the Tour de Yorkshire, winning general classification, points clarification and team classification (BMC).  Stéphane Rossetto was KOM winner, with Megan Guarnier (Boels - Dolmans Cycling Team) led the Cow and Calf climb in Illkely  and took the reigning champ title for the women's TDY. The Tour de Yorkshire was created in 2015 as a legacy event from the Tour de France’s Grand Départ in the county in 2014 – and Yorkshire has also been selected to host the 2019 UCI Road World Championships.   tdy blog imageDoing the Yorkshire Tour or the this year?  Or how about the Ay Up! Yorkshire SportiveWe stock two awesome Yorkshire cycling jerseys and if you order now you'll get it in time for either event.  With the routes announced and training well underway - have you thought about your kit?  We specialise in both custom printed jerseys, made to your own design, as well as bespoke limited edition branded cycling jerseys - we even have our own Tour de Yorkshire cycling jersey  available for sale.   Wensleydale Creamery is stone throw away from each starting andwensleydale blog imahe finishing point of each stage.  Every year Yorkshires finest food and drink producers are showcased to the worlds media, during these four days - so for all you cheese feins and those alike; there'll be plenty of opportunity to try a little taste of heaven.  It'll be no surprise to you, that this brand is available as a jersey too!  You'll need to be faster than the udders to bag one of these! wenseydale COW PRINT JERSEY BLOG IMAGE
  10. Falkirk FC Bespoke Cycling Jerseys

    Football Team Cycling Top

    On sale now!  Falkirk FC Bespoke Cycling Jerseys - exclusively sold at their Club Shop. We are delighted to be able to sponsor and assist the first club in Scotland in manufacturing their own cycling shirts.  Including the club badge and Falkirk FC tartan, this is a must have for all Falkirk supporting, cycling enthusiasts.  Limited availability on this garment at the minute, due to a soft launch so that club funds can be used for more important tasks - like getting them up the league!  But fear not - these can be made to order. Falkirk Football Club is a professional club based in the town of Falkirk. The club was founded in 1876 and competes in the Scottish Championship as a member of the Scottish Professional Football League (currently 9th in Scottish Championship as of 10.01.19). Last year, we had SO MANY customers/ fans interested in having a custom cycling top made, replicating their preferred club's football kit, unfortunately most of which we had to turn away as we of course didn’t want to cause any issues with branding, suppliers, etc.  So please note, if we don't inform you otherwise - you must have permission from the club to use their branding.  This year we have a lot of contact with customers and clubs themselves who are interested in designing a cycle top to be available for sale as official club merchandise.  Most recently of course - is our own local team Falkirk FC.  However, we’re currently producing kit for Manchester City and have previously worked with Reading and Celtic too!  So obviously there’s a great market of football supporting, cyclists! Which is great news!

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High quality digital printing technology has evolved over the years and we have the facility to utilise it to the max. So we use it unlike most others! Initially to produce our own cycle jerseys, mainly for races, enduros and just plain fun. Most of all we just wanted something different to wear on the trails that subtly whispered our likes and dislikes, our joy of the sport and desire to be creative with it.

Trouble is, we kept getting nagged for jerseys from friends and fellow riders......It didn't take much of that to realise there was a demand for these quirky and limited edition designs we were wearing, so it began to dawn on us that we should go for it. Go large. Thanks to the help and encouragement from the fine companies you see in the following pages, we finally got ourself together and brought our designs to the public at large - and created ...Read More


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