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    TCJ: Quality Development, Manufacturing and Success in the Cycling Industry

      At thecyclejersey (TCJ) we specialise in custom printed cycle jerseys made to your own design, as well as bespoke limited edition designs we have been able to create with the permission of the company or artist. Our jerseys are designed and developed to fit every kind of cyclist; from a leisurely Sunday peddler who likes a coffee and a cake (or two), to the hard-core downhill/ endurance and seriously savvy road racers.  Whatever your riding style, you need to be comfortable on the bike – that’s why we don’t compromise when it comes to manufacturing our apparel. Each individual jersey is developed from start to finish, by our small in house, professional team.  SYSTEMS: From design to print, our machinery, software and staff are of the highest quality in the cycling manufacturing business.  With our software holding the capability to almost run itself, we are able to look ahead to future development. QUALITY MATERIAL: Our jersey fabric is a 100% recycled polyester (from the Polyester chain) located form Belgium, that faces no boundaries when it comes to performance; constructed with a multi drying fabric that contains a unique fibre to instantly wick moisture away from the skin. You can read the technical bits about each of our garments here QUALITY MANAGEMENT: Our sportswear is all produced under one roof (Falkirk, central Scotland) and overseen at every stage of production by each individual of the team.  This ensures the quality of the software, machinery output and final garment results are of the most efficient and highest quality achievable. GOOD ENOUGH FOR: Our team riders!  And a few others you might have heard of?  Tracy Moseley (member of Trek Factory Enduro Team and reigning EWS World Champ) , Mark Cavendish MBE ( The Manx Missile – the most successful British cyclist overnight), and Martin Johnson (Ex England Rugby Player).
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    Branded Gin Cycle Jerseys

    For 2017 we decided to introduce a new category to our collection of already existing beer and whisky cycle jerseys - and of course with an office full of 'non' professional alcoholic beverage tasters, we knew  Gin was a no brainer! Gin [gin] (Noun) 1.  A bar without Gin, is like an Italian kitchen without pasta.  A liquor that is harmonious with almost anything. [caption id="attachment_914" align="alignleft" width="198"]LILLIARD FR LILLIARD GIN SHORT SLEEVE ROAD CYCLING JERSEY[/caption] First on board to work with us is Lilliard Gin; a light and elegant gin, with a complex floral palette (a taste for only the manliest of men).  Situated by River Teviot in the heart of the Scottish Borders, Donald (the copper still), works day in, day out to produce a memorable and lingering taste of heaven.  The micro - distillery itself is very niche and definitely worth a visit - there's various cycle routes around the area, if you want to make a day of it! Andddd, here's the best bit!  You can purchase the Ginnery's cycle jersey here.     KINTYRE GIN SEA SIDE PANEL - FR Next up!  Is Kintyre Gin; who differ from others because of their very own hydro-electric scheme that powers their copper still - giving Kintyre Gin unique eco credentials.  Using 12 botanicals (2 of which our Icelandic moss and Sheep Sorrel and home grown), this Gin has a very characteristic taste.  And just to clarify the Ginnery's tasting panel have described its taste as 'having earthy and spicy characteristics, being deep in flavour, with a very pleasant floral aroma'. Available to buy on our website.   Jaggi Gin; is small batch of distilled Scottish Gin incorporating unique Scottish botanicals - all produced at the Strathearn Distillery in Perthshire.  Jaggi Gin produces three  premium blends; the Sweet blend (orange label),  the Citrus blend (blue label) and the Botanical blend (green label), all as equally mouth-watering as each other and of course, all traditionally hand-crafted.  This jersey is available for sale now.     TYREE GIN ROAD - FR Tyree Gin; a recipe made with Kelp and Machair botanicals from the Inner Hebridean island of Tiree.  Although at this moment in time the gin is not produced on the island itself, production is planned to be relocated and on the island within the next 3 years.  Did you know: 'Tyree' was the original spelling for Tiree's Post Office, established in 1802, it was later changed to 'Tiree' to avoid Tyrie in Aberdeenshire - who knew there was so many Tiree's around?! We are very fond of the island over here at tcj, so are super chuffed to have helped design and manufacture their very own cycle jersey.         LOCH NESS GIN SHORT SLEEVE ROAD CYCLING JERSEY   Loch Ness Spirits; are true craft spirits made with Loch Ness water and botanicals: an authentic taste of the Highlands.  Lorien and husband, Kevin have lived in the Highlands their whole lives, and their roots go more than five generations back!  Lorien quickly understood the connection between cycling and alcohol - they really do go hand-in-hand!  Especially with all the nature and cycle paths/ off roading Scotland graces us with. Please Note: Our standard stock jerseys are manufactured with short sleeves and a 3/4 length concealed zip.  Any other available options will be made to order and will be manufactured within 3-5 working days.           JAGGI GIN SHORT SLEEVE ROAD CYCLING JERSEY   Jaggi Gin; the premium Scottish Craft Gin.  Handcrafted, small batch distilled Scottish Gin, incorporation unique Scottish botanicals.  Created in Strathearn Distillery, Perthshire, Scotland.   They are winners of "Scotland's Craft Spirit" of the year 2015. We offer this design in 3 different colours and 2 differnt styles - with multiple different options to choose from!  

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High quality digital printing technology has evolved over the years and we have the facility to utilise it to the max. So we use it unlike most others! Initially to produce our own cycle jerseys, mainly for races, enduros and just plain fun. Most of all we just wanted something different to wear on the trails that subtly whispered our likes and dislikes, our joy of the sport and desire to be creative with it.

Trouble is, we kept getting nagged for jerseys from friends and fellow riders......It didn't take much of that to realise there was a demand for these quirky and limited edition designs we were wearing, so it began to dawn on us that we should go for it. Go large. Thanks to the help and encouragement from the fine companies you see in the following pages, we finally got ourself together and brought our designs to the public at large - and created ...Read More


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