1. T-Mo Racing

    T-Mo Team Rider - Jayden Randell

    The season is well underway and I’ve raced the first three rounds of the British National Enduro Series (BEMBA/BNES) and the first round of the European Continental Series in Spain. All new for this year is the British National Enduro Series which holds six independently run Enduro events around the country. Each Enduro race has a practice day on the Saturday and racing on the Sunday. It ranges from 4 to 8 stages and an average of 60km to 100km of riding over the weekend. The winner is the person who has the fastest overall time in their category. 150 points for first, 125 for second and 110 for third, and they cascade to lower numbers the further you are down the field. Stages are predominantly downhill and on varying terrain. Your best five rounds out of the six count towards the overall at the end of the season. So, round one at Afan on the 14th April couldn’t have gone any better as I took the win after 5 rocky, loose and physical stages. Next up was the first round of the European Continental Series in Salines Spain on the 28th April. This was my first experience of racing abroad. This trip wasn’t so much about results, but gaining experience in different terrain and conditions. Once back from Spain, It was straight into Round 2 of the British National Enduro Series at Graythwaite on the 5th May. 7 stages and a third place for me at the end of a long weekend battling the Norths finest roots and techy trails! Skip forward a few weeks and I’m back racing at the third round of the British National Enduro Series at Minehead on the 26th May. This was the first time heading South this year and we were fortunate that it was a dry weekend, which meant the trails could show off their loamy goodness which is a favourite for all the riders! I took the second step on the box, which means after the first three rounds I’m leading the series with 385 points. But it’s far from over and it’s tight at the top. I plan to drop the next round in Scotland due to GCSE’s, but I’ll be at the Malvern’s Classic from the 14th to the 16thJune, which I will be racing the Enduro and Dual Slalom events. It should be a great weekend and a perfect way to celebrate the end of my exams! T-Mo Racing, MTB Racing, Enduro   Want to keep up with everything Jayden is up to? Check out his Instagram @jaydenrandell1 or @T.MOracing over on Facebook!
  2. Summer 2019

    The summer is coming and so is the sun therefore its now the best time to get your bike out and go for a ride,or five. The roads are dry and the trails are great there really isn’t a better concoction for a great cycle other than an outfit from The Cycle Jersey!  As Scottish summer doesn't come around annually  we thought you might need reminded of how to look after yourself when pedaling; with the right clothing you'll be tempted to kick it up a gear and stop moping around the house and go for a scenic ride. Forgotten your bottle? Thirsty already?  You're already dehydrated, school boy error!  It takes no genius to know that you must stay hydrated before, during and after your ride!  It's not every day a cycle goes to plan, so be prepared, try and take a sip every 15 minutes or so, and on hot days gulp away... Don’t let the sun give your legs pain! On your legs, not your skin, obviously.  We'll not give you a lecture on why sun cream is a necessity; you know the drill, the longer the ride, the higher the factor.  Keep yourself safe with accessories for protection. Suns out, guns out! Now, we're good at prepping you for this one.  Leave the layers at home and make sure you're an owner of a highly durable and suitable textile material style jersey.  We use top notch 'Polymicro' fabric which not only wicks sweat away from the body efficiently, but dries in the blink of an eye with super ventilation.  You won't get a better quality cycle jersey.  If you're an early riser and are out before the sun, we would strongly advise outerwear. Toot, toot, legs oot! Show people what leg day really looks like!  What style you wear is totally personal preference, for a leisurely ride MTB shorts sit more freely - avoiding any fashion faux pas!  For the roadies, we recommend some Lycra bib-shorts, not so flattering to the eye...  But your performance will soar!  Contact us for details. We’ll hook you up. Now you've got the full rundown on some summer tips for riding, check out our custom design generator online.  Because although you'll not all admit it - you've got to look good on the bike!  Your design will be completely unique and not anywhere else on the planet, so you're sure to look like a pro.  
  3. What does your Merchandise say about your Brand?

    BRAND AND BUDGET Think of your promo merchandise as glorified brand ambassadors.  Each piece of merchandise will instantly give prospective customers a first impression of your company; it will create an image of who you are as individuals and as a company – so you’ve got to make sure it’s a memorable product.  In order to gain the right kind of attention and public impressions, you have to speak to the merchandise Guru Gods and ask: Do you really need it?  Your product choice has to be appropriate to your company’s vision and mission identity; e.g. are you amongst others in the sports industry – selling a service or a product?  A water bottle or an accessory such as a reflective band or sports towel could be a great approach to selling the life style.  Orrrr, how about you’re involved in community development?  Customised seed packets, or draw-string backpacks to avoid littering is another take on promoting your company beliefs. Is it a product for life, not just for now?  You want to be able to freely give this product and know people will be proud to keep and actually use.  Distributing thoughtless and cheap junk will have a life span to the closest bin – do not depict your brand as substandard, it’s your livelihood! The quality of your merchandise deeply reflects the value of your product or service; you want people to be proud of what they receive and show it off time and time again – at the gym or just scooting about day-to-day life.  The customers wearing/ using the product are a walking billboard; you have to nail this decision!  It’s a gateway to direct and free brand advertising. It might also be wise to take note that if you are a brand that promotes environmental issues or quality of working establishments, etc. that you do choose a product that is environmentally friendly and/ or made in the UK. Does it stand out? Does it make you look like a trendsetter or a follower? Neither is bad – as long as it stands out in the crowd. As well as making it practical and relevant, it has to have some creative spunk for people to remember your brand and associate great memories when they see, wear or use the item. For example, a pen need not be boring; your choice of colour and shape would set it apart from the rest, why not even make it a mini permanent marker?   A keyring is as common as it gets, but a mini tape measure keychain from a real sports apparel company is both useful and unforgettable. Your promotional merchandise walks and talks your brand. Choosing them is serious business, but by keeping these 3 questions in mind, making the decision will be a breeze. So now what does your merchandise say about your brand?
  4. 2018 Cycling Predictions

    The Future of Cycling; 2018 Trends

      CYCLING TRENDS 2018With a little discussion over lunch time cheese and crackers in the office about the evolution of E-bikes and how we'd fancy a wee E-Road bike ourselves, it got us to thinking what predictions and trends are heading our way in 2018.  From disc brakes and indicators, to off loading our gear into the hollow tubes of the bike - what else is in store for the industry in 2018?  We've had a little look at what to expect and what's already in the pipelines of being launched into the cycling world. MTB bikes are hitting it off by getting longer, slower and slacker; and next year's trend predict this geometric calculation isn't staying in the enduro community!  Nope, it's sliding in among lightweight XC hardtails!  The expertise behind the manufacturing of these frames is lending more stability and predictability to handle this future trend of more technical cross-country courses. Integrated Storage; bar end to bar end, a South African brand is already ahead of this 2018 trend - using a tire plug system that mounts inside your bar ends.    There's also the result of the Fork Cork, a good looking solution to hiding a few extra necessities on the bike and ensuring it fits any modern tapered fork on the market. Any other hollow tubes you see fit for stuffing your extra gear in?  Or is this an impractical approach? In terms of racing bikes, the idea of disc brakes is increasingly catching on. Racing cyclists saw this years ago with mountain bikers. This crossover idea is taking effect more and more in the cycling scene. It's the Gravel bike's turn!  To most of our untrained eyes , gravel bikes look pretty similar to cyclo-cross bikes because of their relatively thin studded tires and race bike aesthetics.  But there's so much more to it than that...  The differences lie in the details. The geometry is designed for a not so freeride and more upright posture. Gravel bikes run more smoothly, are more stable, and have spaces to mount a luggage carrier built into the frame. A bigger, badder ass splash is coming to town!   This little piece of magic is clamped underneath the seat and keeps the majority of the dirt away from the rider in muddy and rainy weather. There are also wider variants in 2018. Lazer lighting!  Initially designed by a budding student turned entrepreneur, this technological brain has been designed to control a laser, LED lights, Bluetooth and GPS for London’s new fleet of Santander bikes, The Laserlight works like this: as you cycle at night a laser image of a green bicycle is projected onto the ground five metres in front of you. And lastly, because this one's going to blow up!  Cementing  itself in line among the cycling sector in 2018 is bike leasing. Employees can rent a work bike from their employer. In this case it does not have to be a classic city bike or e-bike. Racing bikes, gravel bikes and cyclo-cross bikes can also be leased. Even if the employer does not finance the costs themselves, everyone who opts for a leased bike has a financial (fiscal) advantage. And the future for TCJFrom design to print, our machinery, software and staff are of the highest quality in the cycling manufacturing business.  With our software holding the capability to almost run itself, we are able to look ahead to future development.
  5. Ladies Cycle Jerseys

    Ladies Cycle Jerseys

      LADIES JERSEY More women are participating in cycling ; both leisurely and professionally, but 'more' isn't enough.  We want everyone behind the front wheel of a bike.  After a quick browse on the web, it seems the main reasons of those who do not cycle, are: being stuck in congestion, lack of cycle lanes and general safety concerns.  And unfortunately these are all elements that need to be over come by the individual themselves. BUT! We want to break the mould - get that 'middle aged man in Lycra' image out of your head (sorry for putting it in there in the first place).  We need to show women that they can introduce cycling into daily life; they can still cycle to work and look presentable for that 10am department presentation.  There's plenty of ways around getting yourself together on the move, once you're off the bike.  Hair dryers and make up are all transportable!  This isn't a form of narcissism; it's just lifestyle.  And if it gets women cycling then, we'll talk the changing room chat all day! Now...  Lets get to the good part!  Fashionista, or not - WE ALL LOVE SHOPPING!  Ladies cycle wear is a topic that has been brought to our attention numerous times, problematic issues such as: sizing, availability, style and design (all equally important as one another), must be researched correctly in order to create the ideal women's jersey - and that's just not happening. Big brand cycle manufacturers currently produce cycle gear for homogeneous groups; they don't put in the extra mile in order to produce for the variety of people within each cycle category - though their interests are the same, their genetics aren't!  It seems their 'women's wear' is just a spin off, of existing male designs, and is just made female friendly by changing the colour of each design - as the saying goes they 'shrink it and pink it'.  Well... Not us! We are going to embrace and focus on the individuality of women; their female form, lifestyle choices and personal preferences.  We're very happy to have recent fashion graduate, Rachael on our team to help create some freakin' awesome women's jerseys.  They'll be completely unique and not available on the high-street!  So we can almost guarantee you'll be part of a niche group wearing the perfect female form jersey - for your body type. We'll be conducting our own primary research, from; cycle style, body shapes & sizes, to genuine personal preference.  We're an office bursting full of quirky and outgoing personalities, so you'll be sure to see this in our design work. Please feel free to guide us on this project!  We want to hear the do's and don'ts of women's wear, we urge feedback! We want to create a great women's wear range!
  6. Event Merchandise

    Muckmedden Event Sponsorship

    TCJ has been the manpower behind Muckmeddens event promotional materials this year - helping to design, print and manufacture all the banners, stickers, flags and number boards for the Funduro Series and Cream O' the Croft earlier this year. We even managed to bag ourselves a full page feature of  picture specials in The Falkirk Herald too! Check us out eh, getting all famous and stuff! Falkirk Herald The last event of the Muckmedden MTB Funduro Series took place on TCJs stomping ground last weekend at Callendar Estate, Falkirk.   Callendar Estate is for sure, one of the best (if not the best), novice -friendly MTB trail networks in Scotland; also situated within a stone’s throw of Scotland’s main tourism attractions including the famous Kelpies; making it the perfect venue for a family-friendly Funduro with it’s easy-going trails and on-site restaurant and bike shop. Jacks Track - the event specific trail featured was built by Bespoke Community Development Company who are in charge of maintenance and development of Callendar Estate trails.  The black rated trail called got it's name after the team discovered a mysterious gravestone with the name Jack on it!  It features two large jumps and a large drop-off. It has been an absolute pleasure to sponsor Aaron and his tremendous achievements in creating  the  most insanely awesome, full of fun, family friendly MTB events.  See you next year, folks!MUCKIN_GOOD MUCKIN
  7. Approval for groundbreaking Scottish cycle track

    Scotland's first closed cycle track

      fife_cycle_track Fife is already one of the most comprehensive cycling networks in the UK; with 350+ miles of off road and leisurely cycle options  - plans to further the development of cycling and tourism have recently been confirmed Fife council and community will be the new proud owners and investors of a brand new multi-million-pound, 6 metre wide closed cycle circuit come February 2017! With an estimated footfall of 10-30 people throughout the day, 30-100 in the evenings and up to 200+ participants at the weekends; tourism and local footfall will thrive!  Not to mention  the potential for elite athletes to drop in for a few laps.   Staff members are gearing up well in advance  to schedule a programme that will create unique opportunities for users of all levels of ability and maturity in time for 2017's summer months.    
  8. A Day in the office with Tracy Moseley

    Tracy Moseley; member of Trek Factory Enduro Team and  reigning EWS World Champ popped in to say hello yesterday!  With her usual racing regime coming to  a slow halt, she has a little free time to have  a good old chin wag with old friends, in-between what looks like a UK business trip/ tour, so it wasn't an average Wednesday in the office! The ultimate sports woman in MTB and skilled across all bike disciplines, is currently in Scotland hosting Q&A sessions about her racing history and advising on any queries listeners may have - her next stop this week is Inverness and a nice Friday finish in DMBiS. Although, she doesn't plan to defend her EWS title this year - you can't go cold turkey!   With a couple of rounds and races up her sleeve next year to keep away the cobwebs.  She even squeezed in a cheeky ride today!  Lucky enough to be the first rider to complete the new black rated addition trail 'Jack's Trail' at Callendar Estate - here's what she had to say 'Having planned to visit TCJ in Falkirk it was awesome to fins out there were local trails right on their doorstep ...  Just super fun, flowy trails where you could carry speed and get a great workout in just a short amount of time - and in a small area, so doing an extra loop and trying out a different descent each time was great fun!  I also had the honour of testing the new black gap jump line and loved it!  Will definitely be back up to stretch my legs and break up a long journey North, next time I'm up this way!!' The new trail has been built by Bespoke Community Development Company who are in charge of maintenance and development of Callendar Estate trails.  The black rated trail called 'Jack's Track' - specifically built for Muckmeddens Falkirk Funduro event next weekend, got it's name after discovering a mysterious gravestone with the name Jack on it!  It features two large jumps and a large drop-off. Tracy's passion of women's and children's riding development is keeping her busy and she wishes to host her own events in the future. We couldn't keep our cool the whole time - so of course we got her to sign one of our very own TCJ branded Gilet's before  we waved her goodbye and watched her take to the Callendar Estate trails. TMOSIGNTMOTRAIL  
  9. Scottish Council Boost Cycling Tourism

    Cycling Development in Scotland

    SCOTLAND_DEVELOPMENT Scotland is naturally built for cycling and trail riding; known for some of the best forest trails in the UK.   We've already offered multiple events that bring International presence including: Tour of Britain, Tour O' the Borders and for the first time ever -  Kinlochleven Enduro is being recognised as a qualifying event for EWS!  These events are for sure putting Scotland on  the map. Local authorities have implemented a 5 year plan which aims to make Scotland a recognised destination as one of the UK's premier cycling experiences.  In order to make sure this is successful major quality management checks will take place; from route development and signage to market research to identify economic and value specific to  the Borders - this will identify relevant cycling data, generating meaningful data to produce incredible project results. £50,000 has been allocated to help promote the Scottish Borders as a host for new National and International cycling series.  Keep your eyes peeled on social media too!  This is all part of the growth plan; updated photography to show each cycle region. So far cycling at the Borders includes: A 250 mile Borderloop A 55 mile route linking four abbeys The Coast and Castles Route through Berwickshire The Southern Borders Loop (linking Hawick and Newcastleton) It also has a wide range of shorter trails as well as world-class mountain biking with the 7stanes at Glentress, Innerleithen and Newcastleton.      
  10. Remembrance Sunday

    The Somme The 1 day in every year we set aside a brief moment in time to remember the fallen.  It marks the exact day and hour World War One came to an end - the 11th day, of the 11th month - 1918. Did you know - the first 2 minute silence in Britain was held on 11.11.1919 by King George V; who pleaded 'the thoughts of everyone may be concentrated on reverent remembrance of the glorious dead'. Remembrance Sunday is fast approaching, so we want to do our part by promoting the right people and charities and raising awareness.  We do our own part in raising awareness of various charities, by creating fully and semi custom cycle jerseys to the best of our ability.  We use high quality material, impressive machinery and a unique production process, which allows us to be involved in every step of the design and manufacturing process - from initial enquiry to posting the garments ourselves., Remember Evan?  A.K.A the Battlefield Piper?  Earlier this year we provided him with various cycle apparel garments (free of charge, of course) including: a fully custom road jersey, a lightweight jacket and a pair of bib-shorts.  This was all in order for him to take on  his personal challenge to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme; he cycled from Edinburgh to Dover (527 miles), then ran to Peronne Cemetery (France).  You can read more about his challenge here, as he regularly stopped to commemorate this important anniversary. And Callum Skinner?  Rio Gold Medallist for Team Sprint, he also launched Poppy Scotland's new  #ExtraMile campaign, in Edinburgh Waverly Station, a week or so ago.  Talking of Poppy Scotland, I'm sure our loyal fans have seen our custom gallery on Facebook - but for those of you who haven't (yet), here's some custom jerseys we made earlier...     BFPIMG_4611Remembering the Somme

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High quality digital printing technology has evolved over the years and we have the facility to utilise it to the max. So we use it unlike most others! Initially to produce our own cycle jerseys, mainly for races, enduros and just plain fun. Most of all we just wanted something different to wear on the trails that subtly whispered our likes and dislikes, our joy of the sport and desire to be creative with it.

Trouble is, we kept getting nagged for jerseys from friends and fellow riders......It didn't take much of that to realise there was a demand for these quirky and limited edition designs we were wearing, so it began to dawn on us that we should go for it. Go large. Thanks to the help and encouragement from the fine companies you see in the following pages, we finally got ourself together and brought our designs to the public at large - and created TheCycleJersey.com ...Read More


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T-Mo Racing

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Summer 2019

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