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  1. Pudsey Scoots Britain

    PUDSEY (swifty scooters)PUDSEY SCOOTS BRITAIN Chris Baister, the man with a truly exceptional plan will be scooting around Britain, this weekend!  He'll be using a push powered scooter donated by Swifty Scooters to haul through the  gruelling and challenging LEJOG route; which as you will now know after reading our previous blog post, is not for the faint hearted!  Beginning with immediate hill climbs, ever increasing elevations and only the company of mother nature, Chris may initially seem crazy to some people, but he's a guy with a huge heart and an even bigger incentive to raise money for a charity close to his heart, BBC Children In Need. Chris will be riding solo, with only the company of his virtual community and social feed - for 3-4 weeks! We've proudly designed and donated a fully custom jersey for his incredible and adventurous charity challenge, so get on board and do your part by donating to his JustGiving page. Look after yourself Chris and good luck!!
  2. Product Review: Ladies Road Jersey

    Customer Product Review:Mint Sauce Original (S) Ladies Road Jersey

      mint orig fBeing a keen athlete for many years now; participating in various Triathlon events and this year participating in my first iron Man in Bolton, I promised I would write a review for as this is where I purchase a lot of my cycle attire.  One of my favourite purchases from the company was a Mint Sauce Cycle Jersey - I had absolutely no choice (not that I had any issues); my daughter advised I 'had to buy this one' so I 'looked good on the bike', because 'people see you, you know' and 'you're my mum too!' haha!  So here's my personal thoughts and opinions on this jersey I purchased via 'The 3 F's': FIT First and foremost, the fit.  I have been told when ordering a customised jersey, there is a sport fit available, though I ordered direct from the stock website and I feel the standard ladies fit is fab!  Its true to size and fits the female form perfectly e.g. I wear a size small which definitely represents a high-street size 10.  Usually length is an issue for me, almost every item I buy, the top is too short and it rides up - which isn't terribly flattering!  These jerseys are slightly longer than others I have tried, but it is definitely for the better.  Sometimes with length, comes bagginess - this doesn't not happen! Very, very true to size, I would prompt ladies to double check your inches before ordering and compare them to the measurement guide online.  It also comes with a sizable back pocket, split into 3 (170-180mm deep), large enough for all your essentials: phone, keys, banana, etc...  The zip is a 3/4 length one and runs smoothly - no tug of war or pulling of the fabric.  Regarding zip length and sleeve length, I have done my research and again, when ordering a custom design, these are adaptable. FABRIC SO SOFT!  Feels great and it does everything it says on the tin; light weight, breathable and very durable!  I cover minimum of 50 miles a week, both inside and outside, so my wee jersey goes through hell with me  and still after multiple washes in a week, it feels as good as new - very comfortable.  I was so shocked at the dry time after a wash, it's almost in the blink of a eye!  There's no such thing as colour fade, or logo peeling - which I have experienced in my earlier days, shopping for a great buy.  The jersey is manufactured using sublimation printing; which means the ink is embedded in the material and is trapped.  It's a hands down winner for me. FEEL How it feels when I'm training? Great!  I didn't experience and chaffing - which is a blessing and plenty of room for movement.   No flapping in the wind and no riding up every 5 minutes.   Very happy with my purchase.   Overall, every purchase I have received has been dealt with superbly!  The guys and girls at the company are so attentive and recognise me as a returning customer :)    
  3. RAF Coningsby PassPorte du Soleil Team

    2016 RAF Coningsby PassPortes Du Soleil team In late June, team riders from RAF Coningsby approached us and asked our help regarding a  fully custom designed road jersey for their MTB expedition to Morzine.  They were so happy with both the jerseys and their achievement, they scribbled down a few words for us to post.   It was great to get the whole team all riding in the same kit (pictured throughout), and it drew attention from lots of people, including former DH World Champ STEVE PEAT who saw we were a military team and came over to chat with us in the bar after the last days riding . RAF Coningsby Cycle Club recently made their third annual trip to the Porte du Soleil area around Morzine in the French Alps to undertake Adventurous Training Exercise 'Alpine Passport 16'.  Ten riders undertook 6 days riding on a wide variety of terrain from rough and rocky high altitude trails to technical, rooty wooded sections, to fast flowing bike parks on the lower alpine meadows. The focal point of the expedition was the 100km Pass'Portes du Soleil long distance event from 24-26th of June, which the Coningsby team tackled alongside 6000 other riders.  Following a series of mechanical issues, punctures and steep muddy climbs the team crossed the finish line after a gruelling 11 hours of riding. Over the last 3 years the Alpine Passport expeditions have proved hugely beneficial in developing not only the riding ability of RAF Coningsby personnel but also their organisational and leadership skills. The club made a later jersey order for several new members 2 weeks before departure and pulled out all the stops to turn it around in time for the club to all ride in the same kit and stand out from the crowd as a team. A Coningsby rider on a Mission above Les LindaretsBikes were weighed down with mud on the PassPortes Du Soleil eventEarly morning mist on the PassPortes Du Soleil event          
  4. Whiteleewarriors Cycle Team

    BIG shout-out to our loyal customers Whiteleewarriors; a team dedicated to kicking cancers butt! WhiteleewarriorIt all started in 2011 when the guys decided to put their love of cycling to the test.   Beginning with various cycle sportives as an incentive to raise money for chosen charity Beatson Cancer Charity no pressure); starting at a 'leisurely' pace with their first 65 mile challenge in 2012.  Through the years thousands upon thousands has been raised and this year is no different!  Having already completed Etape Caledonia in May an 81 mile route, one fellow rider hasn't stopped pedalling yet!  And is participating in the  Ride London event this weekend. The following month sees the rest of  the team gearing up for Graeme Obree  'The Flying Scotsman' Sportive, adding another 77 miles to their total coverage!  Let's not forget  Pedal for Scotland  (Glasgow to Edinburgh)  in September, which will be the cherry on top, finishing with 110miles. In a nutshell:   They have entered a minimum of 3 events this year, covering at least  268 miles!  And have raised a total of £12,931.21 for the cancer charity, with £1,469.86 achieved this year alone. These guys deserve mass appreciation and non stop support on their aims to help their chosen charity.  Please follow them on Facebook and Twitter and donate to their JustGiving page.  
  5. Summer Cycle Tips

        While the summer nights grow lighter and longer and the roads stay dry (for the most part), there really is no better recipe for a leisurely cycle or a hard-core training sesh!  As Scottish summer doesn't come around annually as it should, we thought you might need reminded of how to look after yourself when pedalling; with the right clothing you'll be tempted to kick it up a gear and swap chilling  in your garden for a scenic ride, instead! H20 - just add water Water you talking about?  Feel the thirst already?  You're already dehydrated - school boy error!  It takes no genius to know that you must stay hydrated before, during and after your ride!  It's not often a cycle goes to plan, so be prepared - try and take a sip every 15 minutes or so, and on hot days gulp away... Feel the burn! On your legs, not your skin, duh.  We'll not give you a lecture on this one, you know the drill; the longer the ride, the higher the factor.  Improvise with accessories for protection. Suns out, guns out! Now, we're good at prepping you for this one.  Leave the layers at home and make sure you're an owner of a highly durable and suitable textile material style jersey.  We use top notch 'Airtex' fabric which not only wicks sweat away from the body efficiently, but dries in the blink of an eye with super ventilation.  You won't get a better quality cycle jersey.  If you're an early riser and are out before the sun, outerwear is recommended. Toot, toot, legs oot! Show people what leg day really looks like!  What style you wear is totally personal preference; for a leisurely ride MTB shorts sit more freely - avoiding any fashion faux pas!  For the roadies, we recommend some Lycra bib-shorts , not so flattering to the eye...  But your performance will soar!  Contact us for details. we'll hook you up. Now you've got the lowdown on some summer tips for riding, check out or custom design generator online.  Because although you'll not all admit it - you've got to look good on the bike!  Your design will be completely unique and not on the high-street, so you're sure to look like a pro.        
  6. Basecamp Bikes & TCJ take to the Comrie Trails

    Basecamp Bikes & TCJ take to the Comrie Trails Eilidh Wells Podium C.O.T.CAaron Gray, Lord Muck of Muckmedden Events, never fails to impress.   Team Muckmedden, the volunteers and racers attracted to these events make it what they are, slightly crazy, but rammed full of energy, challenges and an amazing vibe. This was my first year at Muckmedden’s Cream O the Croft, a Family Friendly Mountain Bike Festival across 3 days with rides, coaching, camping, racing, live music, beer, kid’s entertainment, and local food.  Arriving at Comrie Croft on the Friday afternoon, I met up with the Ginger Squirrel Adventures girls that were leading the Muckmaiden ride out along with a fair number of keen women kitted up and ready to go. A group split and went for the coaching option lead by Progression Bikes, and the rest of us headed for the pump track to start the lead ride. With a good half hour spent getting carried away on the pump track with the girls, this was a great start to the weekend. Post ride, the local hot food stalls were welcomed and the atmosphere in the croft was bustling already. In the big barn, the pedal power big screen was up and running with MTB movies, beer and food. The courtyard, overlooked by a fire breathing dragon, was set up with mini pump track racing for the kids. Team Muckmedden on the tanoid, keeping you up to date with everything, making sure that everyone was happy and doing a stearn job keeping events running smoothly across the weekend. As the evening went on the campsites and hostels filled up with loads of people who just love bikes coming along to join the music and beer in the barn. After a very chilly wakeup call in the van on race day, a very pleasant hot shower and breakfast came earlier than planned. I met up with some of the girls that I had met the day before, collected timing chips for the race and set off together in the same wave. Nine stages in total, using mostly Comrie Croft trail centre trails, the course was brilliantly put together. Stage 1 and 2, similarly were both a tough pedally effort over rocky outcrops with some short smooth linking sections. Stage 3, my favourite blue trail in Scotland, was a pretty smooth rolling start with a straight line of pumping and big berms to finish. Stage 4, a climb! Stage 5 was on the red descent, with some tricky tight corners and rocky sections before a big grassy field. Stage 6, 2 laps of the pump track... pedal for a 15second penalty. Stage 7 took riders back up to the top for a run down the black descent, throwing the steepest rockiest stage of the day after your arms and legs have been numbed. Stages 8 and 9 saved the most fun to the end, the dual slalom. This stage had corners marked out down the grass after a small section of the blue berms and roll able jumps, the riders took one stage on the left then swapped with a partner to race again, this time taking the right line. All race marshals were great through race day, with good chat, awesome cowbell encouragement and spot on dibbing skills. With the weather slowly cooking riders throughout the day, a good shift put in by all, handing the dibbers back in to the beer barn with local brews on tap was more than ideal for most. Taking the overall win was a delight, simply to be crowned with a muckin’ awesome real floral wreath, but the best part of it was being in with the great group of ladies for the rides and races… amazing times and effort across the boards. Well Done girls! Team Muckmedden, this was an amazing event, I hope to be back for the full thing next year. Thanks to the Cycle Jersey and Base Camp Bikes for the on gowing support, it was great to have you at the side lines.
  7. Cream O' the Croft

    COTCCamp in style - glamp at Creamy Croft!  This brand new MTB festival event is one to write home about!  It may only be in its second year running, but Muckmedden are learning quickly; with an activity planned for everyone, every hour of every day, from face painting and fairy hunting for the kiddies, to enduro races for the older half of the crowd.  Meanwhile, there was stunt tracks, stalls, food and entertainment from first break of daylight, until well.. First break of daylight!   There's no such thing as an antisocial drinking hour either, because hydration is key - so every hour is happy hour! Camping facilities are great!  With a child friendly area located right next to the site, kids can roam freely with no risk of hazard.  Marshalls are on hand all over the croft, so if you do have one too many, the kids are in good hands. It was our first ever appearance at an event like this as a company and we can't stop singing its praises.  We were allocated a prime spot for our entourage and the event commentator regularly gave each company a shout out, throughout the weekend; gaining us mass exposure, introducing us to friendly faces and chatting to the younger generations who are soon to be our primary customers. Well done Muckmedden for organising such a successful ad entertaining event for all ages.  It was freaking awesomeeee!  See you next year!

    Cream O the Croft

  8. Muckmedden - Cream O' the Croft

    COTCCTCJ are quite enjoying getting out and about this year – leaving a wee trail of stickers as we go.  Our next venture is Muckmedden’s Cream o’ the Croft festival next weekend.  There’s still time to get your tickets, so go-go-go!  And if you’re sitting there wondering what all the hype is about then, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!  It’s the best weekend about and no need to sleep rough, there’ll be music and entertainment, a pedal powered cinema, competitions, intense racing circuit (with trophy prizes!) and of course – hunners of food and beer to keep you going. We’ll be there in true TCJ style and we can guarantee you’ll not miss us!  We’re bringing a huge range of stock and sweeties – don’t worry, there’ll be something for the adults too!  We’re giving you the chance to win some quality goodies with our lucky tweet competition  ‘#DressToImpress this summer!  RT for a chance to win...' We’ll be proudly supporting good friend Michael Bonney and raising money for his charity #Ride4MB If you have any thoughts or queries, let us know.  Because if you don’t ask, you don’t get and the chances are, we can probably do it, because we’re awesomeeee!
  9. KICC Kiduro

    KICC Kiduro StandKids Cycle Clubs

    Don't let their cuteness fool you...  These kiddies are tougher than they look!  The KICC Kiduro event that took place at TweedLove Bike Festival this weekend past, allows for little riders (as young as 7), with big biking  dreams  to show the adults what they're made of. There was some celebrity endorsement lurking to help get the riders pumped for a wicked race day; including Trek's Tracy Moseley , Cube’s Greg Callaghan and Ibis Teammates Gary Forrest and Robin Wallner amongst many more. Taking to the meandering trails of Berm Baby Berm and Electric Blue at Glentress, this route resembled that of any other MTB event - these kids can't be tamed!!  It's a great stepping stone for the next generation of successful riders to develop their skills and create their own riding style.  Each little rider took to the trails like champs and the real pro's were left eating their dirt. We're pretty happy here at TCJ to have provided the event merchandise: stickers, banners, t-shirts (which we're all sold out and are now in high demand) - just thought I'd drop that in there...  See the cracking tablecloth featured in the blog image?  We did that too!        
  10. Tweed Valley Physiotherapy

    Happy Customers tweed valley physiotherapyWe love knowing all our hard work pays off and our customers are excited to wear their quality custom designed jerseys!  The guys and girls at Tweed Valley Physiotherapy were lovely enough to drop us a line of thanks – ‘Thanks for the jerseys – they are great!!  It’s having its first ride out at the Tweedlove International Enduro this weekend and also at the GT7.  Thanks again – great service!’ CHEESERR!  Awesome feedback and have fun this weekend! The Tweedlove International Enduro that many of our customers are participating in is headlining this weekend in Peebles; with 600 of the fastest UK and International riders coming to ride on Scottish soil.  Keep your eyes peeled, because as usual we’ve kitted a lot of riders out including our very own team riders. P.S. If you have any injuries or little niggles that are giving you bother, check Tweed Valley Physiotherapy out!  Their magic hands will fix you up and you’ll be on top form to kick butt for the rest of race season!

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