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  1. East Anglian Air Ambulance Cycle Challenge

    Well, the guys at Vinci Facilities certainly know how to set about providing themselves with a challenge. Set the scene - Friday the 14th August, the weather is atrocious with rain lashing down - what would be your thoughts.  Stay at home with the heating on and relax whilst watching the TV - no not these guys.  They decided to undertake a 195.7 mile cycle challenge IMG_7584 redYES, 195.7 miles. Well they all made it in one piece with a total riding time of 11 hours and 7 minutes. Excellent pace for the distance. In continuation of their charity cycle event last year when they cycled a total of 220+ miles to all the main USAF bases in the south of England over a 3 day period, this year they have decided to attempt to cycle from the most northerly USAF Base (that we know of) at Menwith Hill, nr Harrogate North Yorkshire, back to our regional Vinci Facilities office in Mildenhall, Suffolk. That's just short of 200 miles in one 24 hour period! The team currently consists of 4 members, namely Matt Browne from WT Parkers, and James Coupe, Peter Hancock, Tim Colman from Vinci. This really is a mammoth challenge and one we are already finding daunting, so your kind donations are very much appreciated to make this a worthwhile event for a very worthwhile cause. Please note that there is no top limit on your donation just in case you didn't realise Hopefully we wont need to call EAAA out either during the challenge, as at a £2800 cost for each callout they attend, the money will soon run out. Thanks for reading, caring, and donating. The guys are raising money for another 4 weeks online so please donate if you can. Check out their awesome kit below. IMG_7588 redWP_20150814_003 redIMG_7598 red WP_20150812_001 red
  2. Leaving winter behind

    The worst of winter seems to have passed now and the summer driving tyres are looking likely to be dusted down and returned to their loving van. The last month has flown by, lots of training and longer evenings are great. I also seem to have caught a cold so what an opportunity to stick together a blog before an early night and having had a missed opportunity to ride.   chris 7 Another race was ticked off the calander a few weeks ago. Vallelujah in Selkirk. There was some great competition but not a ride I was joyace about. I w Over the past few weekends I've also been working on an interesting project with Enduro Moutainbike Magazine. We spent a weekend up in Glencoe looking at a range of forks and testing them for a feature which will be running soon in the latest issue of their magazine. Watch this space.    The weather on this occasion wasn't so kind, regardless we had a good day thrashing about the woods. also pleased to have strung together a reasonable result but after a crash on stage one and a rather amateur feeling ride on the final stage I was hoping for more. Regardless, I was feeling strong and the season will feed off of some of these early races. 
  3. Strathpuffer 24 Hour Race 2015

    Well it won't be long and the 2015 STRATHPUFFER will be upon us.  We are entering again this year as Team TCJ and not too sure what we are letting ourself in for.  24 hours of sheer hell!! strathpuffer image There is a wee link below to a previous years racing at the Strathpuffer. Please click on the link to the left to watch the movie. You will definitely get a laugh. STRATHPUFFER HISTORY The Strathpuffer started in 2005 - it was meant to be a one off local event but somehow TEN years later it has become a national event with a legendary status Over the years there has been every possible type of weather conditions - gales that blew away marquees, iced roads, 2ft of snow the week before the event, temperatures down to minus 10 degrees, rain, hail and even sunshine . . . . you get the picture but then if theres going to be a 24 hour event in the Highlands of Scotland in the middle of winter what can you expect! Also check out these amazing jerseys which will be available for purchase at the event.

    Strathpuffer jersey

  4. Aberdare Mtb

    The gents from Aberdare MTB sent us this video, the aftermath of a post ride drink. As amusing as it is, let it be a warning to you, don’t drink and bike – it may not end well. (No Welshmen were harmed in the making of this video)
  5. Race Update from Hutchens

    May 2014 Race Report Perthshire Highland Enduro – Dunkeld - 1st Chris Hutchens perthshire highland enduro, dunkeldThis blind enduro stage race, a total of 32km, was held at Dunkeld. With a mix of tracks, many of them hugely technical despite being a bind stage race, provided a great event as part of the Perthshire cycling festival. There was some tight racing during the day but I took the win over the 4 stages and 17 minute of racing by just one second. Just beating my good friend and previous Giant rider Stu Thomson down into Second. I'm sure this was a hard blow for him as he'd passed on his knowledge when I was going through the Junior ranks.           Bluegrass European Enduro Round 2– Glencoe – 2nd This followed the next day after the Dunkeld Enduro. After a drive to the West coast of Scotland, where it was raining as usual this event was a chair assisted 3 stage race. Two stages were individual with the final being a mass start event. See photos and video links below. A poor first stage saw me suffer a puncture a long way from the bottom, however I pushed on trying not ruin the wheel too much. I was glad of this come the end of the day. A tough stage two went well for me, scaring myself a few times on the exposed and difficult terrain.. Especially when riding peat bogs blind! The Mass start was interesting, getting the lead to start and then a few wobbles in the snow I maintained a good placing up to the mid way climb. Pushing hard I made some places and pushed up to 3rd where I maintain my place to the bottom. Once all the results were in I finished up 2nd not far behind Joe Barnes the winner. A great way to finish of a tough weekend! UK Gravity Enduro Round 2– Innerleithen – 8th Innerleithen is always a difficult event, lots of climbing and technical rough and tiring stages. This weekend was no different, much different however to the SES event the month before. While most were practicing on Friday I jumped in the van after work and headed south. Making an early start on Saturday morning to get the stages in I got to stage 3 before I saw any other marshals. All stages complete by noon I thought I'd do a few more before seeding. Following an average seeding run (placing 14th) I'd climbed over 2000m in the day and probably over did it slightly…all prep I was thinking. Race day went better for me and I clawed back some time and moved up to finish 8th amongst another stacked field of riders. Enduro World Series Round 2 – Tweedlove (Peebles/innerleithen) - 47th chris hutchens tweedlove enduroThis was the big event of the year really, the biggest EWS ever with 600 riders and the first in the UK. Being a 5 day event there was a lot of riding and a lot of stages (Eight) to try and remember. A GoPro certainly helps a little in these circumstances. With the best riders and some seriously impressive team and pit set ups it was like being back and racing a World Cup. There were spectators all over the places, within the event village and on the hill. It was an exciting event to be part of. I struggled largely on the longer stages where my training hadn’t really helped given the shorter 5 min max riding runs I’d been doing. My overall base fitness was good but the longer climbs on the MTB bike weren’t going quite to plan. I was fairly consistent all weekend with a number of good top 30 stage results, a puncture loosing me a lot of time on one stage despite still finishing in the top 60 on the stage. This was an encouraging weekend as I learnt a huge amount from it and placed within the Top 50, my aim going into the event.       June is a little quieter for me. I will be heading to race the 10 under the ben solo this year (first time for everything) and will be racing the Enduro Enduro event after. I'll also be racing the 3rd round of the Scottish Enduro series and hoping to get onto the Podium for these with the aim to have a strong overall ranking in the series.
  6. Tuckers Triumph

    In celebration of the Tour de France Grand Depart on 5th July Timothy Taylor's has taken to YouTube for the very first time, showcasing one of the two new and exclusive cycle jerseys produced to tie in with the Tour De France The short movie set in the Yorkshire Dales features Roy Tucker, an amateur cyclist, competing against a peloton of professional riders. In the early stages Tucker is clearly struggling but after taking a short cut through Timothy Taylor's brewery to repair a puncture and the inspiration of a Landlord branded cycle shirt produced by, our hero speeds to victory. For Tucker there is only one way to reward his memorable triumph -- a well deserved pint of Landlord, the beer that rewards exceptional taste, in the Fleece Inn, Haworth. Taylor's have also marked the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire by producing Le Champion, a French style blonde beer brewed with Alsace Strisselspalt hops and continental malts to give it a smooth body and delicate hop fragrance. This special beer is proving to be so popular that the first two brews have already sold out and a third brew is fully reserved well ahead of the Grand Depart.
  7. Quick Update from Wee Hutch

    Last weekend was one which required some good climbing legs! For years I’ve enjoyed the luxury of being delivered to the top of a DH track at Innerleithen; from the start when the Redbull Land rovers, driven by Neil Stoddart, dropped you off to the more recent coaches and cattle trucks. Luxury! Now I find myself riding up to the top of Innerleithen five times to ride equally technical and physical tracks, just this time on a bike with less travel and wearing significantly less protection! Strangely it’s quite satisfying and takes a completely different approach to downhill racing. The Scottish Enduro Series seems to be gaining a good following and the reviews are all positive. Great tracks and a casual atmosphere, until the start of the familiar beep and as Huw Oliver points out in his recent report, ‘the dibber dance’. Round 2 headed to the tweed valley, world renowned for maintaining biking and a must destination on any UK MTB series. The 25km route contained five stages, all with a climb of some sort in the middle and captured exactly what Enduro racing (a word many are trying to avoid using) is all about. There was a lot of climbing with almost 1300m of it in total, double that over two days that’s a lots of climbing. For me this was the first race on my new Giant Trance Advanced, great on the descents and light for the climbing, it worked a treat! I was consistent in most of the stages with only one major bike incident, when I got friendly with a tree, and with the damp conditions affecting my vision on a few stages. This is a tricky conundrum… face and googles; open face and glasses; full face and goggles and the ultimate no no full face and glasses? Glasses seemed to be popular and seem to steam up less when you’re blowing out you’re a**e but then the comfort and safety of a full face is also favourable. I’m still to decide what the best combination is. I certainly don’t want to smash my face up like Neil Danskin managed to at the top of Stage 1. Heal up fast! Having had a shocker at Round 1, I was looking to improve coming into this event, ahead of the UK gravity Enduro. This improvement seemed to come and the last few weeks getting out on the bike seems to have paid off. Finishing up 7th overall and 6th in Senior was a good improvement from Fort William. There was a strong field of riders minus Joe, ‘the chief’ Barnes from the usual Scottish riders and a few good riders had made the over the border putting in strong performances. Greg Callaghan winning ahead of local Gary Forrest and Mark Scott finishing off the top 3. CCA put in a sterling performance to finish 4th and win his Category. He’s a real machine!  
  8. Danny MacAskill riding with Fraser McNeil

    Here is a small gallery of Danny MacAskill riding with Fraser McNeil of Elevation cycles at Skye Maidens.

  9. Purveyors of Fine Cycle Jerseys - purveyors of fine cycle jerseys. We started working with Brian at from very early on. Brian was good enough to print up a small run of jerseys for us and even delivered them personally to us (ok so he was coming over on holiday anyway). We've used these jerseys pretty much daily and found them to be really durable. The colours have lasted really well, zips on the XC style jerseys all still function perfectly and the stitching is top notch. They have been through the wash cycle far too many times to count and still look great although after 3 years they have picked up a few stains on the way, some due to washing accidents on our part and the others due to the nasty red dirt up in the North of the island. Bottom line is that we think make a cracking product! (Tenerife)
  10. Custom Cycle Jerseys Gallery

    This is just a small selection of some of the custom cycle jerseys that we have produced.


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High quality digital printing technology has evolved over the years and we have the facility to utilise it to the max. So we use it unlike most others! Initially to produce our own cycle jerseys, mainly for races, enduros and just plain fun. Most of all we just wanted something different to wear on the trails that subtly whispered our likes and dislikes, our joy of the sport and desire to be creative with it.

Trouble is, we kept getting nagged for jerseys from friends and fellow riders......It didn't take much of that to realise there was a demand for these quirky and limited edition designs we were wearing, so it began to dawn on us that we should go for it. Go large. Thanks to the help and encouragement from the fine companies you see in the following pages, we finally got ourself together and brought our designs to the public at large - and created ...Read More


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