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  1. Breast Cancer Now Charity

    Jerseys for Charity

    Ruta Costa Verde 2016 Charity Cycle in recognition of Sarah Greene (former Blue Peter Presenter) and victim of Triple Negative Breast Cancer, is taking place in a little under 2 weeks! sarah greene Road jersey 2016The Sarah Greene Breakthrough Tribute Fund exists to help raise awareness and fund research for the disease.  Little is known about the cancer, therefore limited treatment options are available; saying that, over the years the support gained from charity events has enabled scientists at Kings College to discover the behaviour of the disease, giving them a blurred, but useful insight to why it is so hard to treat. Every 2 years, since 2008 a small group of Sarah Greene's friends and family have been proud organisers of charity events invented to raise mass awareness for Triple Negative Breast Cancer – a form of this disease sadly took her away from her family.  With the help and advice from Breakthrough Breast Cancer, they are now about to embark on their 5th successful (the most successful) charity cycle, ‘Ruta Costa Verde’. Beginning in beautiful Northern Spain, I wish I could say the route will be a breeze… BUUUUUT it won’t!  Sand dunes to mountain summits; this will be a challenging, but accessible journey of discovery through the least known and most beautiful areas of Spain.  The 3 day challenge will cover approximately 70-80 miles of steady climbs, descents and picture perfect views that’ll be worth the screaming pain your legs will be feeling.  You can find out more about the charity by clicking here. Creating, participating, or even supporting from the side lines – we love being involved in charity work! If you are thinking of creating or participating in a charity cycle event – or even just want a jersey to help promote a cause close to you, then please do not hesitate to drop us a line of inquiry at: info@thecyclejersey.com in order to design your own.
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    mission motorsportSoldiers Charity

    It might not have happened to you - yet, or might not ever.  But millions of people all over the world are affected by events out with their control, be it illness, poverty, disability, etc.… Be it personally or through a loved one; the last thing you’ll want is to pity yourself.  You’ll need someone who understands to talk to – a charity.  Make others aware of your organisation, make a difference and help others like you! We have recently teamed up with a diverse charity – Mission Motorsport; the forces charity.  A niche community of physically and mentally injured veterans as a result of military operations.  Their aim is to aid the recovery and rehabilitation of those affected by military operations, by providing opportunities through Motorsport.  This is achieved through various experiences and vocational courses that allow them to use their existing knowledge and skills and teaching them to further develop their resilience and the ability to adapt to testing environments – building new found independence and employable skills and attributes. Formally supported by Help for Heroes, Mission Motorsport are still greatly appreciative of the generosity of other supporters, please feel free to aid their charity and offer a donation.  This is an exceptional charity and the work of the veterans is indescribable as to how hard they work, to better themselves and not let a disability control their wellbeing. We are very, very, very proud to have been approached by the charity to design and manufacture a fully custom jersey to represent their cause! Keep up to date with their events and like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter Cause a discussion, advertise with pride and promote what really matters to you – with a fully custom cycle jersey.     Ace Africa Horatio's GardenHope HouseBrompton Foundation JAM Edinburgh Council

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High quality digital printing technology has evolved over the years and we have the facility to utilise it to the max. So we use it unlike most others! Initially to produce our own cycle jerseys, mainly for races, enduros and just plain fun. Most of all we just wanted something different to wear on the trails that subtly whispered our likes and dislikes, our joy of the sport and desire to be creative with it.

Trouble is, we kept getting nagged for jerseys from friends and fellow riders......It didn't take much of that to realise there was a demand for these quirky and limited edition designs we were wearing, so it began to dawn on us that we should go for it. Go large. Thanks to the help and encouragement from the fine companies you see in the following pages, we finally got ourself together and brought our designs to the public at large - and created TheCycleJersey.com ...Read More


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