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  1. Top 12 spookiest MTB Trails

    MTB Trails

    We double, donkey dare you to ride one of these  spooky MTB trails for Halloween, this weekend, unless you're too scared of course... Take your camera and capture some sick footage of whatever goes bump in the night, I bet something will put some spooks in your spokes... 1. If you go down to the woods tonight, you're in for a trick or treat!  Glentress Forest, Scotland:  well known for trails suited to all levels and exceptional rides.  But for this weekend, we recommend the 'Red Route', which will obviously take you through the woods!  18km of roots, climbs, uncertain jumps and hairpin turns - it'll get your adrenaline pumping for sure.  I bet the Tweed Valley Bike Patrol have a few stories they can tell you... 2. Rhyd Ddu, Snowdon: a 25km route consisting of untimely and continual descents.  You'll be thrown from your bike at some points on this route, so pack light be quick on your feet  and maybe take some extra shorts in case of any accidents... 3. Nan Bield, Lake District: naturally a beautiful location, but don't let your eyes deceive you!  One wrong turn and it could end up another movie sequel!  Take a pal and watch your wheels, low thick fog appears in an instant. 4. Lee & Craggy, Lancashire: a Mountain Bikers playground  - only you'll not be the one laughing...  With a heart pounding, sweat dripping, fearful atmosphere; you'll be flying headfirst, downhill as fast as you can.  This one isn't recommended for those of a nervous disposition. 5. Revolution Bike Park, Wales: a tricky trail for highly skilled riders, but will you crumble with fear during the weekend of the walking dead? 6. Denstone to Oakamoor, Staffordshire: have you heard the old ghost taleFact or fiction?  Let us know... 7. Steynton Route, Pembrokeshire:  so much so, an easy ride, but you'd actually need to be insane to tackle this one!  A4076 to Johnston - it's named Britain's most haunted highway!  Regular sightings of a woman who walks into the paths on oncoming road users? Hahahah - not for me! 8. Snake Pass, Manchester to Sheffield: I think the name suggests the nature of this route.  Not so much in the way of any paranormal activity recorded, but you'd need to be a brave soul to take on this route cycled by those in the Tour of Britain, previously.  Misty moorlands and blind curves, you'll probably develop jelly legs. 9. Gisburn Forest, Lancashire: again suitable for all levels or riders, but not for squealers.  Adapting a similar setting to the Blair Witch Project as the night darkens, this is a trail you don't want to take your time on; berms jumping out at you and rocks and roots knocking you into a terrified state - you'll fall into the depths of the thick woodland. 10. White Line Trail, Arizona: you'll maybe not make  the distance over the weekend for this one and I guess you'd be asking for a death wish if you actually took the challenge on, but hey!  Beat the odds and take on this death-defying off road trail, that's deemed the scariest in the world! Umm... You also have to head vertically down the cliff to get back to the home trail. 11. The Ridge, Isle of Skye: don't read - just watch 12. King Kong, Arizona: this one's perfect for any aspiring freeriders.  With its cliff drops, red dirt and host of celebrity riders, this is probably as close as you can get to Red Bull Rampage.  

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