THINK BIKE!Some feel it’s unnecessary, unenforceable and will create more problems.  Those more understanding, know the importance of safety on the road, considering other types of users and believe there is a need for this law.

With the summer sun splitting the sky, more cyclists come out to play!  It's a necessity to keep your eyes peeled and be aware of various types of road users, by creating a protective barrier when passing.

Stay-wider-of-the-rider is a petition generated campaign, being implemented in hope of passing new legislation to allow a permanent, minimum passing distance between motor vehicles and cyclists.  In order for this to be challenged by the Government there must be a total of 100,000 signatures (but the more the merrier)!

With approx. 5.1 million cyclists in the UK (including children), commuting to school and work on a daily basis, it makes sense to broaden the rules of the road; giving a cyclist a safe space of 1-1.5m when passing is enough to save a life in a lot of cases.  For those still unsure of how effective this law will be – have a look at the facts and figures.

Please get on board and help cyclists become safer on the road; it’s not enforceable without your say! Sign here