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BikeVillage New to The Cycle Jersey

by The Cycle Jersey |

🚨 New Jersey alert! 🚨


And stick around to the end of the blog for a little cheeky discount on your holiday when you book with BikeVillage! 


BikeVillage offer the very best mountain biking holidays in the French Alps. They have become a very popular phenomenon over the years with 75% of their guests returning each year with BikeVillage working to improve their vision year on year! 


They have been proudly running their mountain bike holidays in The Alps, near Les Arcs for 23 years and they are still stumbling across new trails all the time. This is part of the reason that so many BikeVillage guests come back again and again, to mix in some of their old favourite trails with BikeVillages latest single track discoveries and creations. 


There are so many trails around BikeVillage and Les Arcs that you can do something different every day for months on end! There's a 2000m+ flowing single track above the tree line which offers incredible views onto Mt Blanc and all its surrounding peaks. 


Theres a tighter and much cheekier single track in the woods below Les Arcs with more switchbacks than you can count. 


Looking to bike with more rock slabs and faster flowing trails, you just need to cross to the Beaufortain Alps where is it is more open with a Mediterranean feel to the biking. 


They offer multiple different mountain bike holidays so there is something to suit everyone! 


The Classic Guided Chalet Mountain Bike Holiday includes the best Alpine single track you have ever ridden, cosy accommodation with a hot tub, delicious meals, incredible hosts, professional guiding and skills instruction to create the ultimate mountain biking holiday! 


AlpPacker Trans Alpine Mountain Bike Holiday in the Alps is perfect for those who are looking for the ultimate challenge! This challenge starts in the North of the Alps at Lake Annecy and finishes in the South with your front wheel in the Mediterranean. It is a less luxurious than the Classic Guided Chalet Mountain Bike Holiday but allows you to take in a route that has taken over 10 years to develop with hike-a-bike sections that can be over 3-hours long! 


It’s not just the incredible trails that set BikeVillage apart from other mountain bike companies! Along with their passion for mountain biking comes their dedication to tailoring the experience for each rider. BikeVillage only take up to 14 guests a week with two or three different rides per day! These rides are guided by their fully-qualified professional guides too who all have a minimum of 1200 hours of training! BikeVillages' head guide Sam is one of the most experienced mountain bike guides in the world! 


They have female friendly and younger rider weeks, with several over the summer! These aren’t female only weeks but they are weeks where BikeVillage try and concentrate bookings from their female riders.  Mountain biking can be male dominated and it is a frequent concern of female riders that they will be stuck on holiday with a load of men. On regular weeks Bike Village average 35% female guests, however, female friendly weeks simply aim to amplify this ratio a little bit. The idea is that they there are weeks where the modicum of female company is guaranteed. 


The younger rider weeks tend to coincide with BikeVillages skills weeks and are aimed at riders who are older and have younger kids such as a parent with a 15 year old who would like to go on a biking holiday together. There are no minimum age for this holiday, however, from experience a mature 12-ish year old seems to be as young as you can go whilst still enjoying your ride and holding your own at a fairly adult-orientated dinner table in the evening. 


The BikeVillage skills weeks are great for ‘normal’ riders too! Riding in the Alps can seem intimidating so these skills weeks help to bring on your technical riding. The skills weeks come with a very steep learning curve and the odd crash but are perfect for intermediate riders who have experience on natural and MTB centre trails at home and would like to develop their skills on more demanding terrain. 



For a limited time our friends at Bike Village have a great offer for you in the form of an (almost) free branded enduro jersey! 


If you buy a Bike Village enduro jersey, you’ll receive €50 off a riding trip to the French Alps this year when booked with Bike Village*. Visit to find out more! 


*One trip per jersey limit applies.