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Children's Mental Health Week

by The Cycle Jersey |

Children’s Mental Health Week was set up by children’s mental health charity Place2Be and the week helps to shine the spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. This year the week will take place between the 3rd to the 9th of February.






Here at The Cycle Jersey, we know how important exercise is for children’s mental and physical health. It’s a great way for them to get out in the fresh air whilst burning calories and having fun!






For little riders, cycling improves motor skills, balance, strength and coordination and for larger children cycling is seen as being fun in comparison to other exercises so their fitness levels are likely to increase once they start riding. It’s a great foundation to creating a healthy and active lifestyle without children viewing it as a chore!






Once children get to high school life can become stressful so cycling gives them an escape to get out and ride in the fresh air. Cycling is also a great way to make new friends with cycling groups being very popular around the whole of Scotland so getting your children involved in one of these groups can aid with self-esteem and give them a sense of achievement.






Do you fancy going out as a family for a bike ride? Well this can be a great family bonding session whilst also teaching them about bike safety and teach them new skills. It’s just a great way to spend some quality time together too. Plus, what better way to tire them out for bedtime than with a cycle! A nice benefit of your child being active and challenging their mental abilities is that they will actually be tired come bed time and falling asleep will be less of a struggle.