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Design Inspiration

by The Cycle Jersey |

Are you looking to design your own custom jersey or is your team kit in need of a revamp? Then you have come to the right place because here at The Cycle Jersey we don’t charge any design fees and we can deliver your brand new kit straight to you in as little as two weeks from design approval. We manufacture all our products in our workshop in Falkirk, Scotland so you will never have to wait months for your kit!

For fully custom designs we have a minimum order quantity of 5 jerseys. This can be a mix of styles, sizes and additional extras. If your order is for less than 5 jerseys we ask that you select a design from our semi-custom kit configurator. We can still match pantones with this option and your logos, images and text can be positioned where ever you like. It is also a really good idea to take a look at the kit configurator if you are stumped on which design styles or colours you like because there is a massive range to choose from over there.

If the kit configurator doesn’t help and you are struggling with design ideas or can’t imagine what you are after then simply google the sort of design you would like and email a couple photos to our design team to get them started. Once they have a vague idea of what you would like they can get started and pull a couple designs together for approval. We allow a couple of design tweaks free of charge before we have to start charging per design change which is why we ask for a direction before we get designing! This way we save you money and our time.

We see a lot of designs over the peak of the cycling season and we have popped a few of our favourites below which will hopefully help you visualise what could be possible with your own custom kit!


Edinburgh Handyman 

This design is pretty classic in style but the colours used really helps to make it more modern. We loved the contrast between the orange bottom and the blue collar. Definitely not colorways everyone would think of but we think it really works. Just goes to show that sometimes simple is better! 


La Corsa Tours 

We have been manufacturing the La Corsa tours kit for a number of years now and it has been a long running favorite within the office. The contrasting spotty sleeve and bib-short leg just makes a real difference to the jersey. The colours are pretty spot on too! 

Think about how you could incorporate parts of your logo within the design of the jersey. La Corsa decided to use the spot from the back of their logo on the sleeve which is great for brand identity! 



Seriously think about colours and the placement of whatever colours you choose. We can colour match Pantones and will send out a mini colour sample for anyone who has doubts around how they will print. Using them in a way that creates contrast within your design can be a great idea, just check out Ridelines if you don't believe us.

Ridelines have a very strongly branded jersey thanks to their clever use of colour and contrasting sleeves. You instantly recognise them on the trails thanks to their Jaffa Jersey colours. 


Cowal Mountain Bike Club 

Pick a pattern and stick to it. Cowal Mountain Bike Club decided at the beginning of last year that they wanted to revamp their jerseys by bringing in a tartan aspect. Originally all their jerseys were blue however after a year we have manufactured a huge range of colours for them for different riders and different events. With all of these different colours you would think that it might become difficult to create an identity but with the strong tartan pattern it's super easy to pick out the CMBC riders. 

Red, yellow, green, blue, pink, white and yet all of them scream Cowal Mountain Bike Club!