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East Anglian Air Ambulance Cycle Challenge

by The Cycle Jersey |

Well, the guys at Vinci Facilities certainly know how to set about providing themselves with a challenge.

Set the scene - Friday the 14th August, the weather is atrocious with rain lashing down - what would be your thoughts.  Stay at home with the heating on and relax whilst watching the TV - no not these guys.  They decided to undertake a 195.7 mile cycle challenge

IMG_7584 red

YES, 195.7 miles.

Well they all made it in one piece with a total riding time of 11 hours and 7 minutes.

Excellent pace for the distance.

In continuation of their charity cycle event last year when they cycled a total of 220+ miles to all the main USAF bases in the south of England over a 3 day period, this year they have decided to attempt to cycle from the most northerly USAF Base (that we know of) at Menwith Hill, nr Harrogate North Yorkshire, back to our regional Vinci Facilities office in Mildenhall, Suffolk.

That's just short of 200 miles in one 24 hour period!

The team currently consists of 4 members, namely Matt Browne from WT Parkers, and James Coupe, Peter Hancock, Tim Colman from Vinci.

This really is a mammoth challenge and one we are already finding daunting, so your kind donations are very much appreciated to make this a worthwhile event for a very worthwhile cause. Please note that there is no top limit on your donation just in case you didn't realise

Hopefully we wont need to call EAAA out either during the challenge, as at a £2800 cost for each callout they attend, the money will soon run out.

Thanks for reading, caring, and donating.

The guys are raising money for another 4 weeks online so please donate if you can.

Check out their awesome kit below.


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