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Event Branding

by The Cycle Jersey |

Event branding is probably the most important element to planning, other than sticking to budget of course.  It can make or break your event and we're here to make sure that doesn't happen; we can provide you with event merchandise and supplies that will:

Help your customers know what to expect and create an awesome social buzz.

Therefore create recognition.

It will generate loyal customers and generate referrals (furthering recognition).

And most importantly it will add value.

With over 20 years in the printing industry - we've catered for the best of the best including: AmstelAtherton Racing, Cancer Research, DuneJet2 and many more.  You've probably heard of No Fuss Events too, if you're reading this blog post?  Well, we've also worked with them for over 10 years - producing all event merchandise for every event!  That's right, any old number boards or promo tee's you have kicking about the house from way back, we made them!

Now branding isn't  just a logo and it's more than just posters - although that's somewhat important too.  You need to be your brand persona; it's in the way you answer the phone, your website content, definitely in your social media distribution and how you physically present yourself to the customer (that part we can help you with).  Visit @Eventureworks on Twitter and Facebook for more information and news on what we're up to.