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Kids Custom Cycling Kit

by The Cycle Jersey |

Cycling; a sport loved by middle aged men in Lycra, is now becoming trendy among our younger generations - who’d have thought?!  With obesity problems growing large and fast and cycle lanes being demolished, it seemed an impossible thought that kids would venture anywhere further than their rooms.  They never fail to surprise us…

Kid [kid]

(Noun) 1. Something REALLY old people desire to be when their backs start breaking and their hearing and eyesight get poor.

The cycling trend has not to be taken lightly, as these kids are tougher than they look - and they mean business!  Taking various kinds of riding such as MTB, Cyclocross and Road racing; very seriously.

This influential and social sport is a memory cherished by all; we don’t know anyone who doesn’t remember first learning how to ride their bike.

Therefore, it’s only right that we provide these youths with proper and professional gear.  We’re asking the local Primary and Secondary schools of Falkirk and its surrounding areas to design their own jersey; we’re hopeful their creative minds will give us a taste of what they’re looking for and maybe it will even encourage more kids to jump behind the bars.

We’ll use the same fabric as we do for the adults so it’s light weight, breathable and very durable! The jersey is manufactured using sublimation printing; which means the ink is embedded in the material and is trapped, so there’s no such thing as colour fade.

NOTE: our standard kids sizes will be age(s):  (4), (5), (6-8) and (9-11), older teens will fit out adult XS and S sizes.

Children's Custom Cycling Tops

Our standard kids road cycling jerseys come as standard with; short sleeves, and a 3/4 length YKK concealed zip - three rear elasticated pockets can be added, but is dependent upon the size ordered.  Our new 2019 custom price list is as below -

0-2 - £52

3-4 - £47.50

5-9 - £39.50

10-19 - £33.50

20-39 - £31.00

40-74 - £ 27.00

75 + - £25.00

Kids enduro MTB and Freeride DH racing cycle tops are very similar to each other - our enduro jerseys; newly introduced last year, have been an absolute hit!  These are great for riding as well as retail/ custom merchandise.  They come as standard with short sleeves and a round neck - the fit if these is slightly more fitted than most mountain bike jerseys and we recommend not wearing armour under this top.

Our Freeride DH jerseys, are a more traditional style mountain biking top.  They come as standard with short sleeves and a v shaped neck - unlike the Enduro style, these are a lot more of a leisurely fit and are perfect for wearing protective armour underneath.

Our new 2019 custom price list is as below -

0-2 - £50.00

3-4 - £45.50

5-9 - £27.50

10-19 - £31.50

20-39 - £27.00

40-74 - £25.00

75 + - £23.00


If  you have any suggestions or opinions on kids clothing that you wish to share, don't hesitate - we're all ears!  Just drop us a line at: