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Ladies Cycle Jerseys

by The Cycle Jersey |


More women are participating in cycling ; both leisurely and professionally, but 'more' isn't enough.  We want everyone behind the front wheel of a bike.  After a quick browse on the web, it seems the main reasons of those who do not cycle, are: being stuck in congestion, lack of cycle lanes and general safety concerns.  And unfortunately these are all elements that need to be over come by the individual themselves.

BUT! We want to break the mould - get that 'middle aged man in Lycra' image out of your head (sorry for putting it in there in the first place).  We need to show women that they can introduce cycling into daily life; they can still cycle to work and look presentable for that 10am department presentation.  There's plenty of ways around getting yourself together on the move, once you're off the bike.  Hair dryers and make up are all transportable!  This isn't a form of narcissism; it's just lifestyle.  And if it gets women cycling then, we'll talk the changing room chat all day!

Now...  Lets get to the good part!  Fashionista, or not - WE ALL LOVE SHOPPING!  Ladies cycle wear is a topic that has been brought to our attention numerous times, problematic issues such as: sizing, availability, style and design (all equally important as one another), must be researched correctly in order to create the ideal women's jersey - and that's just not happening.

Big brand cycle manufacturers currently produce cycle gear for homogeneous groups; they don't put in the extra mile in order to produce for the variety of people within each cycle category - though their interests are the same, their genetics aren't!  It seems their 'women's wear' is just a spin off, of existing male designs, and is just made female friendly by changing the colour of each design - as the saying goes they 'shrink it and pink it'.  Well... Not us!

We are going to embrace and focus on the individuality of women; their female form, lifestyle choices and personal preferences.  We're very happy to have recent fashion graduate, Rachael on our team to help create some freakin' awesome women's jerseys.  They'll be completely unique and not available on the high-street!  So we can almost guarantee you'll be part of a niche group wearing the perfect female form jersey - for your body type.

We'll be conducting our own primary research, from; cycle style, body shapes & sizes, to genuine personal preference.  We're an office bursting full of quirky and outgoing personalities, so you'll be sure to see this in our design work.

Please feel free to guide us on this project!  We want to hear the do's and don'ts of women's wear, we urge feedback! We want to create a great women's wear range!