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Nairn's Oatcakes Cycling Jersey

by The Cycle Jersey |

We were super excited when we heard that Nairn’s Oatcakes wanted to design their own cycle jersey and join the team, after spotting our most loved Tunnocks Tea Cake jersey out on the road! 

Nairn’s Oatcakes is a well-known Scottish Brand and is the leading producer of Oatcakes in the UK, available in over 30 countries. Their first bakery opened in Strathaven, Lanarkshire in 1896 and they have been baking ever since. With their popularity, their range of products and team has grown and they now have two bakeries in Edinburgh.

“To make tasty, wholesome food that is as simple and natural as possible using the best ingredients we can”.

So, just how good are they? The Nairn’s range is packed with natural goodness, made from wholegrain oats and manufactured in the Scottish Borders. With the natural ingredients, you are sure to have an added source of wholesome fibre, protein, vitamins, mineral and antioxidants to your diet - the healthy, tasty way to snack! 

We were delighted when we received a special delivery from Nairn’s - a very thoughtful box full of tasty Oatcakes. The breakfast bars and biscuits have been perfect for us here with being on the go, the flavoured crackers even called for an afternoon cheese spread! Spoilt for choice, it was hard to resist finishing them all in one day for us Oatcake lovers.

Nairn’s is powered by oats and we all know just how great they are as a source of energy. So what better way to pass on the message than with their first-ever cycle jersey?! The design is exclusive to and is available in two colour ways, blue and purple. You can choose from both Road and Enduro styles which are available in sizes from XS-XXL and Kids from ages 6-11.

While you’re there, why not check out the Nairns Snood which is designed to keep you warm in the cold. With the cold weather making its appearance it might just come in handy! The multi-functional accessory is ideal for many activities and can be worn as a neck warmer, headband, wristband, hairband, balaclava, scarf, scrunchies, beanie and even a bandanna. We’ve pretty much covered it all! Browse our products here.

Grab your bike, grab life by the oats and go for it!