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National Beer Lovers Day

by The Cycle Jersey |

Happy National Beer Lovers Day! As you can probably tell from our large range of beer cycling jerseys, we like our beer here at The Cycle Jersey so we think this day is a celebration of the breweries we love as well as us... obviously! 
We believe that a long and adventurous day on the bike needs to be followed by a reward and there isn't anything better than a fantastic beer (other than drinking a fantastic beer in a matching branded cycle jersey)! 
Windswept Brewing Co.
Windswept Brewing is an award winning independent craft brewery in Lossiemouth, Moray with a tap room bar, shop and tours. Their location on the Moray coast, is reflected in the beers that they create with their target market of adventurers with outdoor passions being on their doorstep!  
They have been creating an award-winning range of hand crafted traditional and contemporary beers since 2012 and want their beers to be what you reach for after a big adventure or busy day. Windswept brewing believe that a great pint tastes best when you've earned it and we have got to agree with them!
Tempest Brewing Co.
Tempest Brew Co (also available in enduro style).  This story visits a few places around the world; beginning in New Zealand where two friends (Gavin and Annika) had a 'wow, here we go' moment. After sourcing all the kit and developing a recipe, the first ale - Long White Cloud was brewed.  Fast forward a little while later, they set up shop in Kelso selling food and drink in their own little gasropub - but that wasn't enough, Gavin wanted their beer to have it's own identity; now known as Tempest Brewing Co.
Black Isle Brewery
Black Isle Brewery is located just north of Inverness.  Discovered almost 20 years ago by David Gladwin, a beer lover with a distinctive taste for mother nature.  Every recipe uses barley and hops from completely organic farms - absolutely no use of destructive chemicals here.
Famous for it's own functioning organic farm, growing barley across 125 acres of land and that's not the half of it!  They also have 200 wee black sheep grazing amongst it all and one big cow who produces the milk for staff and visitors caffeine needs.  They also have their own veggie patch!  So you can replenish all bodily fluids and have a munch without even feeling bad!
If you fancy a pedal as well, you can try the Blondes and Happy Chappies Route (approx. 1.5-3 hours long)
Six Degrees North
Six Degrees North have been producing modern, artisanal beers in the North East of Scotland since 2013 and in their formative years the direction and output of their brewery was largely influenced by Belgian beer culture and tradition. More recently, they now offer a broad range of styles to suit all tastes and palates; producing a core range of beers as well as a range of seasonal released throughout the year. 
Six Degrees North beers are now available in supermarkets but they also own and operate their own bars in Stonehaven, Aberdeen and Dundee with each offering a wide selection of their own beers, locally sources food and excellent customer service. 
Did you know - I bet you didn't:
  • The only other beverages consumed worldwide, more than beer are water and tea!
  • There was once a 'Great Beer Flood' - I kid you not! London 1814 (Google it), people actually drowned.
  • The Czechs EACH DRINK over 40 gallons of beer a year...  No wonder they're the beer capital of the world.
  • Here's one for your wife - beer is good for you apparently, because it has silicon which increases calcium and prevents bone density.
  • And guess what...  It was all started by women!  You're welcome :)