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New Release- Kilchoman Distillery Jersey

by The Cycle Jersey |

The newest design addition to The Cycle Jersey website is this new classic designed Kilchoman Distillery jersey and we are very excited to add this distillery to our list of brand collaborations! 



Kilchoman are Islay's Farm Distillery with it being the first distillery to be built on the island of Islay in over 124 years. It was founded in 2005, and being Islay's only farm distillery, it is producing Scotland's only Single Farm Single Malt. The farm spans roughly 2,000 acres with 250 acres of the most fertile ground used to grow the barley used to create their whisky. The rest of their land is used to rear Black Face sheep, Aberdeen Angus cattle and they encourage a range of biodiversity from corncrakes and eagles to wildflowers and native woodland. 

Kilchoman is a family run business that was established in 2005 by husband and wife, Antony and Kathy Wills. They soon encouraged their sons; George, James and Peter, to join their business as they expanded and to this day the Wills family remain the driving force behind the business. 


Currently they have a large range of whisky's available all of different tasting notes to appeal to any whisky drinker. Their whiskies are available in multiple retailers across the UK and over on their website. 

Recently Kilchoman spoke to us about designing their own classic styled jersey to further their business branded range. The jersey joins a range of t-shirts, badges and boxer shorts as well as glasses, water jugs and angel droppers. 


We are always looking to expand our product range here at The Cycle Jersey so if you would like to see your brand for sale on our website and gain some of that free advertising contact our team today! Email to learn more or visit our custom jersey page on the website!