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T-Mo Riders- Catching up with Corran

by The Cycle Jersey |

2 months into lockdown and I am missing the feeling of bike racing and just riding and training with friends. Fortunately, throughout this pandemic, we have been allowed to go outside for exercise meaning I have still been able to ride my bike. Riding solo can be pretty fun, and I have also been able to ride with my dad and sister but there has been some rides where I was wishing I was with others as well.


I would have been sitting my exams in my last year of school, which got cut slightly short, as well as my exams being cancelled. This wasn’t too much of an issue for me as I was not needing results. I was set work for the first month or so but as I would have no longer been at school by this point anyway, I have had no more school work to complete for a while.




Training has changed from what it would normally be at this point in the season. I have been treating this almost like a second winter, but it has been good for me to be able to get some training blocks in as I never managed during winter due to all the cross racing. MTB and road riding has been the main part of my training, but some of my MTB rides have been more like gravel rides as a lot of trails have been closed. Fortunately I live in a great place so I have found some new roads and fire roads and there has been great views on every ride.


Gym has always been part of my training, and luckily I have been able to get some equipment for some home gym sessions. I’ve always enjoyed gym but it definitely feels tougher and longer at home. I have had to improvise a little to increase the weight on the bar, so I have started hanging kettle bells onto the ends!


During this time I have also started cooking a little more, learning how to make new meals and cooking for the family every once in a while. I’m definitely not great but it has been good to learn some new things and I think I’m improving!


I have been motivated throughout lockdown which has allowed me to get good training in. I’ve always loved going hard and having that race feeling but the closest thing I’ve got to that at the moment is going for a couple Strava KOMs which isn’t quite cutting it. Race calendars are starting to be released for later in the year which is making me more motivated. Hopefully once it’s safe enough to race, I’ll be ready to go.