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Design Your Own Jersey Guide

by The Cycle Jersey |

Here at The Cycle Jersey we pride ourselves on having no minimum order quantities when it comes to semi-custom cycling jerseys! Using our semi-custom kit builder you can design your own jersey and order just one if thats all you need. This is a great tool for those of us who cycle for charity or are planning on fundraising because we can represent our chosen charity or foundation whilst training and competing without the need of a team. 

When ordering less than five jerseys our design team will direct you to use our semi-custom kit builder which is constantly being updated to ensure that it's as user friendly and jam packed full of designs as possible. 

 To find our kit builder you simply select the 'Kit Builder' option from the list along the top of your The Cycle Jersey home screen. Once you have selected this a page will open inside our custom jersey section and you want to select Kit Builder. If you are looking for more information on fabrics, sizes, artwork requirements or our frequently asked questions these can be found here too. 


This will open up our Kit Builder home page and once there you will want to chose whether it's a road or enduro jersey that you would like to design. This choice is solely down to your own personal preference and what style of cycling you do the most. Anyone who rides at home or on the road is recommended a road jersey and anyone who rides off road, mountain bikes or enjoys enduro should go for the enduro style. However, if this doesn't suit your personal preference then feel free to mix it up a little. 

You have now selected the style of jersey you would like so it is time to pick your design. Our design team are constantly working behind the scenes to bring new and improved designs to the kit builder to keep it looking fresh and to appeal to as many of our customers as possible. We currently have a range of around 30 road and enduro designs to chose from with so many more designs up our sleeves for the coming months.


Once you have selected your favourite design you will be asked to select from our range of colours. Each jersey design will give you the option to chose between 2-5 colours depending on the complexity of the design. These colours are our standard tried and tested colours that print perfectly every single  time so there is no worry about colour transfer or fading over time. The print and colour will last as long as the fabric does. 


Uploading your own logos is the next stage in our process and this is a very important stage as your logos need to be really high quality to ensure they print correctly. If you are unsure whether your logos are of high enough quality for print, simply email our design team a copy at and they will be able to advise.

The logos we love to work with tend to be high quality JPEG, Vector files or PDF documents. The higher the quality of file the higher quality of final print. 

Once you have uploaded your logos to the kit builder you will be able to position them either on the front or the back of your jersey and move them around using the grab tools that appear when you hover over the logos. You will be able to re-size them and rotate them and if you decide that you no longer want that logo on your design simply click the little bin icon to remove.  

We have a selection of fonts available through the semi-custom kit builder which cover a large variety of styles so you should be able to find one that suits your jersey style. If not don't worry! Simply add the text you would like to your jersey and then leave a note to our design team when placing your order stating the font style or font name that you would like. We may request that you supply your font file if it is a font we do not currently have. 

Now that you have selected your design, chosen your colours, added your logos and text there is now the option to choose sleeve length. With road jerseys there is the option of short or long sleeves and with the enduro jersey there are the options of short, 3/4 length or long sleeve jerseys. Again, sleeve length is completely down to your personal preference and your design will change to reflect your choice of sleeve length to allow you to see the final design.

Additional extras are available for road jerseys for an additional cost and these include zip length options, silicone gripper or zipped media pockets which are water resistant and found in the side of your jersey where the back pockets are situated. All of these options can be found under the extras panel and allow you to create the perfect jersey for your needs. 

Once you are completely happy with all of your design options and you have opted in or out for additional extras you can start selecting the required sizes for your team jerseys. The sizing guides for all jerseys can be found within the custom jerseys section of the website under sizing. If you aren't quite ready to start inputing sizes, log into your locker room and save your design for a later date. 


 Saving your design in the locker room allows our design team to access it from our design software. This means if you have any questions or queries once you have finished your design they will be able to help straight away and even complete your order if that's what you would prefer. 

Once your jerseys are ordered our design team will pull your design together and send across a visual for you to approve before going to print. Once approval has been granted your jerseys will be printed, pressed and sent to our sewing team to be manufactured. 

Your finished and final jerseys will then be shipped out and delivered to you within 2-3 weeks of design approval and you can start showing off your own personally designed jerseys!