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Think Bike!

by The Cycle Jersey |


Some feel it’s unnecessary, unenforceable and will create more problems.  Those more understanding, know the importance of safety on the road, considering other types of users and believe there is a need for this law.

With the summer sun splitting the sky, more cyclists come out to play!  It's a necessity to keep your eyes peeled and be aware of various types of road users, by creating a protective barrier when passing.

Stay-wider-of-the-rider is a petition generated campaign, being implemented in hope of passing new legislation to allow a permanent, minimum passing distance between motor vehicles and cyclists.  In order for this to be challenged by the Government there must be a total of 100,000 signatures (but the more the merrier)!

With approx. 5.1 million cyclists in the UK (including children), commuting to school and work on a daily basis, it makes sense to broaden the rules of the road; giving a cyclist a safe space of 1-1.5m when passing is enough to save a life in a lot of cases.  For those still unsure of how effective this law will be – have a look at the facts and figures.

Please get on board and help cyclists become safer on the road; it’s not enforceable without your say! Sign here