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Tweed Valley Bike Patrol- Quick Response Force

by The Cycle Jersey |

Tweed Valley Bike Patrol


Founded approximately 10 years ago, TVBP are known as a quick response force for the area of Glentress and Innerleithen (approximately 6.5 miles).  The programme is solely run by a voluntary organisation, dependant on the donations of tourists and cycle enthusiasts.  Each patroller simply enjoys the outdoor experience and wants to ensure those participating in cycling are aided throughout their journey.

As qualified patrollers their daily duties typically consist of: orienteering the area in even the extremity of weather, assessing the terrain and advising riders accordingly, bike repairs and attending to bodily injuries.  All patrollers hold the following qualifications which enable them to confidently approach each unique scenario ranging from lone riders and group pavilions: MBLA Trail Cycle Leaders, MTB Leaders and First Aid.  A select few of the team are also working alongside the Mountain Rescue Team.

Please give the volunteers and their work a browse on Facebook and Twitter!  A complimentary donation would be greatly appreciated by the patrollers!