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The Cycle Jersey

#Doddie AID North & Mids District


Gift aid

If you pay UK tax and tick the Gift Aid box below, the Government will give 25% on top of your donation. This means a donation of £10.00 could be worth an extra £2.50. It won't cost you a penny. Click here for more information on Gift Aid

Should you be joining the North & Mids; well do you come from north of the Forth? Have you ever taken the road to the isles, played golf at St Andrews, climbed a Munro or holidayed in Aviemore? Do you drink just about any Malt Whisky brand? Have you sung along to the Proclaimers? Do you have the Gaelic, or a shooting lodge in Persia? If the answer to any of the above is yes, you are eligible to join John, Lorraine, Eve & Andys’ North & Midlands squad.

Please note that the snoods will be shipped out late January. 😊 

Donate to join the Doddie AID challenge and get your free North & Mids snood.

After DONATING, you just need to:

1./ Upload the Trac4good app onto your phone

2./ Join your district team in the app.

4./ Set yourself a goal for the 5 weeks challenge and start logging miles.

5./ Then recruit all your friends and family.


#Doddie AID North & Mids District

#Doddie AID North & Mids District

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    Printing Process - using advanced sublimation techniques; we’re able to produce detailed designs, whilst ensuring there is no risk of colour fade, or logo peeling on the physical properties of the fabric.

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    Our standard stock jerseys are manufactured with short sleeves and a 3/4 length concealed zip.  Any other available options will be made to order and will be manufactured within 3-5 working days.

    Please note that jerseys with any other available options, such as long sleeve or full zip, are non-returnable.