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Product Review: Ladies Road Jersey

Customer Product Review:

Mint Sauce Original (S) Ladies Road Jersey

23rd Aug, 2016


mint orig fBeing a keen athlete for many years now; participating in various Triathlon events and this year participating in my first Iron Man in Bolton, I promised I would write a review for thecyclejersey.com as this is where I purchase a lot of my cycle tops.  One of my favourite purchases from the company was a Mint Sauce Cycle Jersey - I had absolutely no choice (not that I had any issues); my daughter advised I 'had to buy this one' so I 'looked good on the bike', because 'people see you, you know' and 'you're my mum too!' haha!  So here's my personal thoughts and opinions on this jersey I purchased via thecyclejersey.com 'The 3 F's':


First and foremost, the fit.  I have been told when ordering a customised jersey, there is a sport fit available, though I ordered direct from the stock website and I feel the standard ladies fit is fab!  Its true to size and fits the female form perfectly e.g. I wear a size small which definitely represents a high-street size 10.  Usually length is an issue for me, almost every item I buy, the top is too short and it rides up - which isn't terribly flattering!  These jerseys are slightly longer than others I have tried, but it is definitely for the better.  Sometimes with length, comes bagginess - this doesn't not happen! Very, very true to size, I would prompt ladies to double check your inches before ordering and compare them to the measurement guide online.  It also comes with a sizable back pocket, split into 3 (170-180mm deep), large enough for all your essentials: phone, keys, banana, etc...  The zip is a 3/4 length one and runs smoothly - no tug of war or pulling of the fabric.  Regarding zip length and sleeve length, I have done my research and again, when ordering a custom design, these are adaptable.


SO SOFT!  Feels great and it does everything it says on the tin; light weight, breathable and very durable!  I cover minimum of 50 miles a week, both inside and outside, so my wee jersey goes through hell with me  and still after multiple washes in a week, it feels as good as new - very comfortable.  I was so shocked at the dry time after a wash, it's almost in the blink of a eye!  There's no such thing as colour fade, or logo peeling - which I have experienced in my earlier days, shopping for a great buy.  The jersey is manufactured using sublimation printing; which means the ink is embedded in the material and is trapped.  It's a hands down winner for me.


How it feels when I'm training? Great!  I didn't experience and chaffing - which is a blessing and plenty of room for movement.   No flapping in the wind and no riding up every 5 minutes.   Very happy with my purchase.


Overall, every purchase I have received has been dealt with superbly!  The guys and girls at the company are so attentive and recognise me as a returning customer :)