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6 Tips To Survive Your Winter Training This 2020

by The Cycle Jersey |

Struggling to find the motivation to keep your winter training going now that the weather is really taking a turn for the worst? Well don’t worry because we have a few handy tips to get your through. Changing just the littlest of things can make you feel so much better so these small changes should give your training the revamp it needs.  

Before setting off make sure your warm because the worst thing you can do is set off on your ride with a chill. Have a hot drink before you leave and start your ride almost too warm. That way you will have plenty of time to warm up on the saddle before you start to get cold.

Dark mornings and nights can be off putting. Sometimes getting out of your bed at this time of year can be tough but if you have a set of modern and high-powered lights for your bike you can ride in the dark. This means you can get your training in anytime and you don’t have plan your day around riding in the daylight.

If you are struggling to find the motivation to get your winter training in or you are finding that it’s just not enjoyable anymore then mix it up a little. Find a friend you can take with you to suffer the ride too. Not only will you be able to take it in turns to shield each other from the weather but you will also have a buddy to chat to. It’s also a lot safer and sometimes more convenient to have a group with you if you run into any mechanical problems.

Fuelling your ride should be pretty close to the top of your priority list, especially if your ride is going to be over an hour in length. You want to make sure that you have eaten enough to get you through and if you haven’t you will want to take snacks with you. These can be energy bars or gels however keep in mind that if the temperature is super low then your energy bars might be a bit too hard to eat.

We recommend having a bike tune-up at the beginning and the end of winter as the winter weather can cause multiple problems for your bike. You will want to clean your bike, wheel rims, chain, gears and brakes after every wet ride to help keep mud and grit from causing any issues.