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At Home Workouts We LOVE

by The Cycle Jersey |

We might all be stuck in lock-down at the minute but that isn’t an excuse to let your training drop off. It might not be the training plan you were hoping to follow but why not use this as an opportunity to expand your fitness horizons. With so many options now available online you are bound to find something that you really enjoy that you can do in the comfort and safety of your own home.

For the past week our team have been trying out a range of workouts at home before, during their lunch and after work so that we are only pointing you in the direction of really great workout videos! All of these workouts are on YouTube and there is a massive range for men, women and kids.

Give them a go and let us know what your favourite workout was!

 Les Mills Burpee Beep Test

This is a tough one but will max out your heart rate so fast and make you question why you ever clicked play and it's less than 3 minutes long. 

A great finisher to add on to the end of any workout to make sure you really have pushed yourself HARD.


Mr and Mrs Muscle Sweaty Cardio HIIT Workout with Low Impact Modifications

 Mr and Mrs Muscle have a huge range of amazing free workouts on Youtube making it easy to find something you will love. If High Intensity Interval Training it your thing then you will LOVE them.

If you live in a flat and you want to keep your neighbors happy and sane then the Low Impact modifications might be for you. Don't be fooled though... low impact doesn't mean easy!


The Body Coach TV 30 Minute Home Workout with Dumbbells

We all know Joe Wicks however we had never tried any of his workouts before this weighted dumbbell class. If you are lucky enough to have your own dumbbells at home then you will need to grab them for this workout however if you don’t, no problem! Simply grab two tins or jars from the kitchen cupboard and use them as your weights. Brilliant for burning fat and building muscle!


Popsugar Fitness  45 minute boxing workout

Who doesn’t love a boxing workout? It’s a great way to release stress and tension and this workout is really great for that because it’s so difficult! This workout mixes high-intensity conditioning, boxing, kickboxing, and bodyweight strength-training moves. It might be a Popsugar Fitness workout but it’s definitely not just for the girls.


Yoga With Adriene Full Body Flow 

Whether you are brand new to yoga or you have been practicing for years this full body flow is a great cool down for any of the above workouts. Yoga is also a great way to start or finish each day and Adriene is great at talking you through every flow and it’s very easy to follow even for the yoga newbies.