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MBUK Mint Sauce

by The Cycle Jersey |

Mint, the only mountain biking sheep known to man, created by the illustrious Jo Burt and recognised most by those who follow the most iconic magazine in the industry – MBUK 1988-2018.

While Mint didn’t make an appearance in MBUK until 1990, he’s still been a huge part of our journey so far.  MBUK is a little over 30 years old now and has recently celebrated with long term friend Jo Burt and fellow side kick – Mint.  They marked this birthday not by having knees up, but with a sit down; to pick the brains of Jo and how Mint came to be such a huge character in the world of MBUK.

Jo (Illustrator, cartoonist, writer, cat owner); is the first to admit; 'it’s an incredibly odd profession drawing cartoons, sat within a dim cone of light in a dark dust and rubber swarf thick corner of the spare room, I work best in the hush of night, doodling away and somehow putting a lifetime into a magazine page.'

Being a freelance illustrator he has done illustrations for just about every magazine and subject matter you could imagine. The backbone of this has been cycling related but he has done work for publications covering an abundance of other products/ interests such as: jet-skis, cars, hi-fi, 'what’s on listings' , oil rigs, horoscopes, computer software, green issues, lots of outdoorsy stuff, and even some top-shelf material. 'Those were good years. I’ve also illustrated books, drawn posters, scribbled t-shirt designs, and drawn logos for bike bits, and a driving instructor.'

In perspective - these materials can take anything up to a week to draft and finalise.  'Multiply that by 12 months and 30 years and you can work out how much of my life that is - AND, that doesn’t include all the extra Mint stuff I’ve done! I’m going to have a cry now...'

We've been lucky enough in years passed to have had unique - now retro style cycling jerseys designed by the man himself!  Two designs available in both road and enduro style jerseys, with short sleeve and long sleeve options available.  You can view out Mint Sauce Cycling jersey, here.

You can read MBUK's full article on Jo Burt by clicking here.