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by The Cycle Jersey |

The summer is coming and so is the sun therefore its now the best time to get your bike out and go for a ride,or five. The roads are dry and the trails are great there really isn’t a better concoction for a great cycle other than an outfit from The Cycle Jersey!  As Scottish summer doesn't come around annually  we thought you might need reminded of how to look after yourself when pedaling; with the right clothing you'll be tempted to kick it up a gear and stop moping around the house and go for a scenic ride.

Forgotten your bottle?

Thirsty already?  You're already dehydrated, school boy error!  It takes no genius to know that you must stay hydrated before, during and after your ride!  It's not every day a cycle goes to plan, so be prepared, try and take a sip every 15 minutes or so, and on hot days gulp away...

Don’t let the sun give your legs pain!

On your legs, not your skin, obviously.  We'll not give you a lecture on why sun cream is a necessity; you know the drill, the longer the ride, the higher the factor.  Keep yourself safe with accessories for protection.

Suns out, guns out!

Now, we're good at prepping you for this one.  Leave the layers at home and make sure you're an owner of a highly durable and suitable textile material style jersey.  We use top notch 'Polymicro' fabric which not only wicks sweat away from the body efficiently, but dries in the blink of an eye with super ventilation.  You won't get a better quality cycle jersey.  If you're an early riser and are out before the sun, we would strongly advise outerwear.

Toot, toot, legs oot!

Show people what leg day really looks like!  What style you wear is totally personal preference, for a leisurely ride MTB shorts sit more freely - avoiding any fashion faux pas!  For the roadies, we recommend some Lycra bib-shorts, not so flattering to the eye...  But your performance will soar!  Contact us for details. We’ll hook you up.

Now you've got the full rundown on some summer tips for riding, check out our custom design generator online.  Because although you'll not all admit it - you've got to look good on the bike!  Your design will be completely unique and not anywhere else on the planet, so you're sure to look like a pro.