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Strathpuffer 2017

by The Cycle Jersey |

So it seems after last years antics the guys over here at TCJ wanted to get another race under their belt (this makes it their 7th in a row!) - absolute nutters, if you ask us!

tcj puffer

This years puffer event has been and gone and all bodies have recovered (from both the ride and specific beverages which followed)!

There's noting better than starting off the new year, by putting all that hard work and training to the test.  The guys let loose in the mountain terrains of the Scottish Highlands, in what is described as one of the top 10 Mountain Bike events in the world!  After all, it's only 17 hours of darkness, winds that blow a hooley and rain no more than an average day in Scotland..  Nothing they can't give a good old bash!

With 14 laps covered in 12 hours between the 3 brave souls - Brian, Frazer and Lindsay, they decided amongst themselves it was best to call it a night and have a well deserved nightcap.  With it possibly being the sketchiest trail, in all the teams race history, they didn't want to be down and out for the upcoming season.

Race Results here

It's got the blood pumping and the brains ticking over at TCJ headquarters - keep your eyes front for some regular updates and quality stock to follow.

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