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Whipped Coffee Recipe

by The Cycle Jersey |

Avid lover of all things coffee like us? Well the title of this blog might have got you excited. Any new variations on the classic Americano gets us hyped here in The Cycle Jersey office so when we heard of a whipped coffee we just couldn’t help ourselves and had to try!

This is possibly one of the easiest recipes we have ever come across with one of the best results. You can even do it in your coffee break so there are literally no excuses not to give this one a go.


Ingredients for 1 super creamy coffee

2             tbsp instant coffee

2             tbsp sugat

2             tbsp boiling water

Milk (we used coconut milk but any milk will do)




  1. Add hot water, sugar and instant coffee to a bowl
  2. You can use either an electric mixer or a hand whisk (if you’re feeling particularly strong) to whisky the mixture until it’s fluffy and light.
  3. Hold the bowl upside down over your head to check if it’s thick enough ;)
  4. To serve, spoon a dollop over a cup of milk and ice and stir
  5. Enjoy!


If you aren’t keen on coffee then don’t worry because this technique also works great with matcha or cocoa powder to make the perfect Frappuccino dupe since we can’t get our Starbucks hit.

Make sure and let us know how you got on with this recipe and if you would try it again. We would also love to know who’s coffee landed in their hair and didn’t make it to the cup!