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Women's MTB Weekend

by The Cycle Jersey |

Bikepark Wales


Cycling comes with enough minuscule difficulties; from seating issues and suitable clothing attire (for both male and female’s), to elements out with our control - like the weather!  But c'mon, we're in the 21st century!  The most technically enhanced and advanced as we have ever been!  And mountain biking is still a male dominated sport!  BikePark Wales are doing their best to change this stereotype - and if there’s one way to get more of you involved, it’s through shopping!  BikePark Wales, main aim is to allow females direct access to some of the highest quality kit.  You’ll also get the best guidance on bike maintenance and repairs.  And if that’s not enough;  our leading lady and close friend Tracy Moseley will also be attending the event as brand ambassador for the sport, hosting a range of opportunities for ladies to get involved in, including: Q&A sessions, coaching and leading some of the rides throughout the day.

Head over to their website and book yourself a slot for a different kind of girl’s day out!  Oh, and whilst your surfing the web, check us out too –!  We can guarantee you’ll find something to wear for every event!


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