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World Gin Day

by The Cycle Jersey |

Happy Saturday Folks! Not only is it a wonderful Saturday but it's also World Gin Day so there is your excuse for a mid afternoon gin and tonic sorted! 
To celebrate we thought we would introduce you to some of our favourite partnered gins who have jerseys to match! Tyree Gin, Kintyre Gin, Lilliard Gin and Jaggi Gin! These are wonderful Scottish businesses who are creating award winning Gins right here in Scotland using Scottish water and Scottish produce! 

Tyree Gin

The Isle of Tiree Distillery is the islands first legal operational distillery since the 1800s. It is now home to one of the smallest, most traditional whisky production operations that Scotland has to offer. The last legal distillery in Tiree ceased to operate at the beginning of the nineteenth century and this is the first gin distillery since then!
Not only do they produce Isle of Tiree Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Isle of Tiree Single Grain Scotch Whisky but also Tyree Gin and Hebridean Pink Gin. 
You might notice the change it spelling when talking about location and product. Tyree was a historical form of spelling for the island while the modern spelling of Tiree first appeared on a map produced in 1734 and then again in a map of Scotland in 1851.
The two gins are very different with Tyree Gin combined with juniper, water-mint and angelica to create a fresh and pure island spirit. Hebridean Pink Gin is an office favourite and is distilled using seven botanicals including juniper, raspberries, sweet peels, cinnamon and black pepper.
Tyree Gin was awarded a Gold Award at the Spirits Business Gin Masters 2022 and a Bronze Medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2022. Hebridean Pink Gin won a Bronze Medal in the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2022, Silver Award in the Spirits Business Gin Masters 2022 and Bronze Medal for Pin Gin of the year at the Scottish Gin Awards 2022.


Kintyre Gin

Beinn An Tuirc Distillers have been producing award winning spirits in their small, family run Kintyre distillery since 2017, including their signature Kintyre Gin. They use their own renewable energy powered by a 100kw hydroelectric scheme at their home on Torrisdale Castle Estate, Kintyre with their water being sourced from the hill from which they take their name. 'Beinn an Tuirc' translates from Gaelic as 'The Hill of the Wild Boar' and is the highest point in Kintyre, located above their distillery building. 
The first bottle of Kintyre Gin was produced in June 2017 and has since become a favourite on craft gin shelves around the country. Their gin is still powered by their hydro-electricity and they try to keep their emissions as low as possible with sustainability at the heart of their business.
The best way to enjoy Kintyre, as someone with a sweet tooth, is to have it with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic with a fresh Basil garnish which brings out the sweetness of Kintyre Gin. For something a little less sweet try a lighter tonic such as Merchant Heart or Fever Tree Light and add a slice of pink grapefruit. 



Lilliard Gin 

Lilliard Gin was named after Maiden Lilliard who was a 16th Century Heroine, who lived and died in the Scottish Borders. The legend goes at the Battle of Ancrum Moor in 1545, Lilliard watched her lover struck down in battle. She darted into battle, grabbing a sword and slaying the enemy soldiers until they managed to overpower her and chopped off her legs. Even this couldn't stop Lilliard as she continued to fight until her was at last slain. You can see the tomb of Maiden Lilliard at Lilliard's edge, part of the St Cuthbert's Way Walk.
From this legend The Lilliard Ginnery was born in 2017. A micro-distillery tucked next to the River Teviot in the Teviot Valley. This gin is distilled in one of the smallest working stills in the UK with the traditional copper still creating a light, elegant gin with a complex floral palette. They use botanicals that reflect the four seasons of their beautiful Borders landscape and local spring water. The key botanicals include Juniper, Cubeb Pepper and Liquorice so this gin pairs well with orange peel, tonic and ice. 

Jaggi Gin

Taking their inspiration from the Scottish thistle for their logo and name but also their gin, Milk Thistle plays a major part in the botanical mix of all three blends of Jaggi Gin. Unlike the tough, painful 'jaggi' spikes of the thistle, all three Jaggi blends deliver distinctive craft flavour experiences to the gin lover. 
Jaggi Gin is a handcrafted Premium small batch Scottish Gin distilled at the award winning Strathearn Distillery. It is made with the purest, clearest Scottish water from Perthshire which helps them to strike the correct balance using the finest botanicals. 
Their Sweet Gin is smooth and moreish with tangy lemon grass and a touch of anise to finish. This gin pairs well with a slice of lime, tonic and ice due to the botanicals used; Calmus, Carraway Berries and Cassia Root.
Citrus Gin has a hint of orange and sherbet with a background hint of spice creating a tart yet smooth taste which is perfect for Summer. This gin pairs well with a slice of orange, tonic and ice due to the botanicals used; Orange, Bay Leaf, Nutmeg and Thistle.
Finally, their Botanical Gin has herbal and earthy notes with an underlying warmth and slight creaminess. This pairs well with raspberries, tonic and ice and its main botanicals are orange, lemon, berries and angelica root.