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Tunnocks Tea Cake Enduro Jersey Front
Tunnocks Tea Cake Enduro Jersey Back
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Tunnocks Tea Cake Enduro Jersey

  • After being asked to print a Tunnocks Teacake Team jersey for employees, we just had to ask the question - could we sell the jersey on our site? Thanks to Tunnocks, here it is for sale to anyone with a taste for pure Scottish cakes...  If you would like a box to wrap your gift, put a note into the "with comments" box. We send the box as a flat pack, it travels better that way, doesn't get crushed in transit.
  • Whether you chose the tea cake, snowball, caramel wafer or the caramel log this is any Tunnocks lovers dream jersey!


Tunnocks Tea Cake Enduro Jersey Front

Tunnocks Tea Cake Enduro Jersey

  • Product Specification

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    Printing Process - using advanced sublimation techniques; we’re able to produce detailed designs, whilst ensuring there is no risk of colour fade, or logo peeling on the physical properties of the fabric.

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  • Delivery

    Our standard stock jerseys are manufactured with short sleeves and a 3/4 length concealed zip.  Any other available options will be made to order and will be manufactured within 3-5 working days.

    Please note that jerseys with any other available options, such as long sleeve or full zip, are non-returnable.