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The functional solution for ultimate sports performance

  1. Unique fibre construction for a soft and dry garment
  2. Instant moisture transport away from skin
  3. Excellent breathability
  4. Machine washable and quick drying
  5. Fabric is highly durable


  1. Outside : normal polyester to give excellent durability
  2. Inside : micro polyester to give a soft feel against the skin as well as providing excellent moisture transfer to the outer

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Windtex Fabric

Normally you layer up to keep warm however with Windtex® this cuts out the need for this therefore eliminating bulk and maintaining comfort. A Windtex jacket can weigh 375 grams and yet maintain excellent breathability, wind and waterproofing. Due to the Windtex lightweight elasticity, this enables a good fit to be achieved and therefore maintaining freedom of movement. The heat produced by a human being varies greatly during physical effort. During winter riding, despite the surrounding low temperatures, the body temperature can vary greatly. In order to keep body temperature within certain limits, heat is lost through perspiration. At this point, clothing plays an important role: heat retention compromises physical activity if the fabric does not breathe. Windtex’s excellent breathing capacity as well as its heat retention protect the body’s microclimate.

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Lycra Sport

LYCRA® SPORT fabrics are branded performance fabrics designed specifically to support athletes and active people in their sporting activities. LYCRA® SPORT fabric combines stretch fibre technology and demanding fabric performance testing standards, resulting from years of innovation and textile science in the world of sport. The use of LYCRA® fibre pioneered the engineering of movement in textiles. LYCRA® SPORT fabrics deliver a range of stretch and recovery power designed to help consumers move and perform at their best, while feeling comfortable. LYCRA® SPORT fabric is engineered specifically for sporting activities, which require a combination of light-weight, breathability, muscle support and freedom of movement.

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YKK Zips

YKK® Zips used on all TCJ product to give the best in quality and reliability

TMF Pads

Professional range Chamois seat pad (TMF Italy)

  1. Maximum comfort
  2. Long distance rides

Main Features

  1. Multi-level seamless pad
  2. Ergonomic shape
  3. Elastic side flaps to conform to accompany movement
  4. Rapid sweat absorption
  5. Easy wash
  6. Quick dry

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