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Cycle Commute Novice? 4 Handy Tips

by The Cycle Jersey |

Finally got that bike you desperately wanted for Christmas and now your heading out for your first commute to work? Leaving the car at home can be daunting but don’t worry we have worked out a couple handy tips and tricks to make your first bike commute as fun and safe as possible. 

Plan your route 

Head out early at the weekend to plan out your route. If you already know the route really well then I wouldn’t worry too much about this pointer but if you don’t know the route then take some time to head out. This isn’t something you want to do for the first time when you are running late to work and in rush hour traffic. 

Make sure you are happy with the roundabouts and junctions along the way, look down side streets to see if you can suss out quieter routes that might get you to work quicker. Just make sure you know exactly where you are going and the lane positioning before you leave for your first commute. 

Be Safe and Seen 

Lights and brightly coloured clothing would be a great start. Make sure all your lights are in working order so that you are easy to spot when out and about. Try and be aware of your surroundings at all times just like you would be when driving to avoid any issues and don’t forget your helmet!

Need some bright clothing? Then we have you covered with our brand new bright yellow windcheeta

Mudguards are a must

Unless you want a muddy bum then we suggest spending a little extra cash and fitting mudguards to your bike. They will help keep you clean and dry whilst keeping the cyclists around you happy. 

Most of All… Have fun 

Yes, all the tips in this blog are handy but don’t forget, above all, to have fun! It might be easy to forget that you are supposed to enjoy your bike when cycling to and from work but savor it. Take the time to check out where you are and your surroundings or the weather if it’s dry, think about the weekend or your day at work ahead. Cycling isn’t just good for your body, it’s also good for the soul so whether your cycling fast or taking your time, remember to enjoy it.