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Questions and answers

  • Can you give me a rough idea of how much the jerseys will cost?

  • I have my own artwork. Will this speed up my order?

    Yes, it could if it is in the correct format. We would need to see your artwork first.

  • I don't know how to do the artwork and have no one to do it for me. Can you help?

    Yes, if you can provide a rough idea of design and colours along with any logos in a print ready format, ai, eps or corel is preferred although high res jpegs can also work in some applications

  • How do I know which size to order?

    Refer to the size charts.

  • Will I see what the jersey looks like before you make it?

    We put the design together in our templates and email over for checking prior to printing a mini sample on fabric for approval prior to printing the jerseys. We will not go into production until you have approved the colour sample we send out to you unless you request us to proceed due to short timescales etc.

  • Am I restricted on what fonts I use or how many colours numbers I put on the jersey for digital printing?

    Any font can be used. If we do not have the font that you'd like to use, we just ask that you supply it for us. We prefer text to be converted to outlines. There are no limits on colour numbers.

  • Can we have individual names on each jersey?

    Yes, there is an additional charge. See pricing structure. We ask you to email us the list of names as they are to appear on the jerseys to avoid any potential typing errors. All we do is import the text and change to the font you require.

  • How long does it take to get custom jerseys made?

    Delivery is normally 2-3 weeks from approval though can be quicker if there is a deadline to meet.

  • Will my jerseys colour fade when I wash it?Will my jerseys colour fade when I wash it?

    No, the sublimation will never fade, crack, peel or wear off, and it breathes with the fabric adding no extra weight. It will be there as long as the fabric itself is!

  • Can you replicate existing designs?

    Yes. If you're moving to us from another supplier then we can copy that design. We can also work from your previous suppliers artwork. Please note that our patterns might differ to your previous suppliers so the design may have to be altered slightly.

  • Can we exchange custom clothing?

    Sorry, no we cannot do this as custom clothing is specifically made to order.